22nd Fleet 3Q Player Awards

November 24, 2020 by Sjet


Greetings Gentelbeings!!!

With the pandemic and real-life in the way, the Awards Committee wishes to apologize for our belated announcement regarding some of the 22nd Fleet’s 3rd Quarter Player Award nominations.

Rest assured, the committee has remedied the problem and nominations are now open. What are these awards, you ask? Player Awards in 22nd Fleet are nominated by you – the players.

There are many awards, for many different things. Love someone’s writing? There’s an award for that. See a player that goes above and beyond to help the community? There’s an award for that, too.

Not familiar with the awards? 22nd Fleet’s Award page is Here. The final step is simple – fill out our nomination Form and submit once done. 22nd Fleet’s Awards Committee will then deliberate and announce the winners.

Would you love to be part of the Awards Committee? Jump to the #bot-roles channel in the 22nd Discord server and type: ?Awards Committee.

And now… A BIG announcement and unveiling from the 22nd Fleet Awards Committee:

Months of discussion have brought about a realization that there are just too many well-done, shining examples of Sims in 22nd Fleet. Not every Sim, as a result, is able to acquire the Sim of the Quarter award, and the Officers have said many times that it’s hard to just pick 1.

So, in recognition of the limitations of winners for Sim of the Quarter, the 22nd Fleet Awards Committee wishes to announce the creation of our newest award:

The Sim of Valor is a Monthly award, nominated and awarded by the Awards Committee. Winners are Sims that have done something significant/noteworthy, be it stronger game activity, improved/cohesive website layout… Anything to suggest hard work and a great player base.

For the inaugural month of our newest award, the Awards Committee has decided to award November’s Sim of Valor to a Sim that has done well with making its stories accessible to newcomers, and its writing quality is excellent. As a Non-Trek, Non-Main Stream franchise Sim, that is not an easy thing to do.

To boot, the GM has done well with re-tooling their Nova to a setting Nova was not pre-designed for. Our Awards Committee is beyond impressed with the amount of work and dedication the GM and their players have put into the Sim as a result.

So it is with great pleasure that we, the 22nd Fleet Awards Committee award Dragon Age: Legacy the Sim of Valor.

Ale all around!!!


22nd Fleet Awards Committee


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