22nd Fleet Quarter 3 Fleet Awards

November 29, 2020 by Sjet


 Quarter Three flew past us so fast we failed to award our players and sims for their due awards for excellence and  upholding the standards of the 22nd Fleet. So without my usual verbiage, let’s crack on with it. 

Fleet-Wide Awards


A7ice is a great player. The plots they’ve created on Echo have been awesome. To watch the First Mate remind the captain constantly about her role, keeping him aware of Alden’s screw-ups, and how A7ice’s character interacts with the crew is fun. OOC, A7ice is equally fun. Always positive, always inclusive. And that attitude OOC is why I think I love the stories they do IC. Because, if someone isn’t having fun, the writing generally reflects that.


 For a Star Wars Sim that allows for most types for Force Users to be played, Kai’s portrayal of Illiana Duran – a traditional Jedi Knight is a delight in a sea of damaged/rogue/outsider Force folks. From a character seeking validation and officially wanting to be knighted to taking on a padawan, she feels like a Jedi of The Old Republic. And the personal storylines Kai has created have molded well into the main missions as well. She’s a traditional Jedi and stands out well. Kai is a great role-player open to any ideas, and willing to play with anyone. So as a whole, I feel he deserves Excellence in Role Play.


 As a GM, part of my method is to delegate responsibility when the player count gets larger than I can handle, so that I can focus equally on admin and role-playing. However, that does not mean I unload more than what might feel like a second job with my AGMs. And while this player/AGM is new to Simming, he is not new to leadership roles.

 His organization skills back when he and I helped run a Guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic with over 600+ players, is phenomenal. Oma’s ability to grasp RP, is equally impressive and I’m in awe at how fast he’s picked up and run with it.

 Oma is someone that, without prodding, stepped up to the plate to help create a tracking system for our OOC Accolade System – How our Force Users can bypass learning certain Force Powers ICly through participation and OOC behavior within the Sim’s community.

 When the Sim grew +100% in a 24-hour span, he also noticed some overlooked items/issues that were either not there, or written unclearly in our, “New Player,” pages. His cheat-sheet helped me easily go in and make the necessary edits, as well as address some potentially problematic issues – before it got to that point.

 Oma went far beyond what he was initially made an AGM to do – help control/run plots. He saw problems, wrote-up solutions, and suggested them. All of this was done out of a selflessness to help Revenge Of The Fallen be at it’s best. You can’t train some of the skills he has and I feel lucky to have him on the Sim because of them.


Taylor has a positive outlook within the Star Wars Division. His “Can Do,” attitude with his high-concept, morally ambiguous underworld Sim shows that with perseverance, it can be done. His funny wit on Discord with the 22nd Fleet players reminds us all that we should not take things too seriously. 

Of the Star Wars GMs, I find Taylor to be the most helpful and the best example of what we as GMs should strive for.


Awarded, on the added ground of excellent community thinking in pushing along morale boosting operations in the Fleet as well as GMing chutzpah. As committed a member of the team as any of the officers, has worked tirelessly to ensure a continuation of celebration of our writers in a trying year.

And now for our sim and player of Quarter 3 awards! There was a lot of competition this year, but here are our winners! Fantastic writers and simm’s from a host of excellent roleplaying endeavours!

A well done and congratulations to all! And thus concludes the award season of Quarter 3 a little later than intended, but here we are. *Confetti*. 

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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