22nd Fleet Election Results 2021

December 8, 2020 by Sjet



To our soon to be departing Officer Cadre of the latter half of 2020, I bid you all farewell and my heartfelt thanks for making my short tenure as Chairperson easier than I expected. You shall soon depart your offices and rejoin the Game Manager’s who are the real power in the 22nd Fleet so…yeah this is more of a sideways promotion if you think about it.

 Let’s go with that.

 And allow me to introduce your new officers for the 2021 cycle. 

 Kaichi will be stepping into the shoes of our Fleet Development Officer, a position charged with public relations, recruitment of players and new sims alike, and enriching our community with resources. They will also be overseeing the MISC Divison.

 AlphaJuliet will be our new Operations Officer, who will act as Division Head for all Divisions with three (3) games or less. This means they will be dealing with a lot of our more popular but less populous game divisions. 

 And finally, but by no means least, Aio is to be our new Star Trek Division Head. In this, they will be managing and prompting one of the most crowded divisions in our group. And one might also say, the foundation upon which the 22nd Fleet stands. 

 I am sure many of you will be sending forth your congratulations to the new Officers in our midsts, who will take over official duties on January 1st 2020.2…I mean January 1st 2021. Dang autocorrect. Until then the MISC Division is still at my mercy, with Wizard and Kos as Operations and Trek Division Head respectfully until that time.

To those who were nominated, thank you for accepting those nominations, and stepping forward to serve our little scattered community. I know that as GM’s and Simmer you will bring your great ideas to bear on our community, to which I was never in doubt.

Thank you.


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