Post’s Of The Month’s Winners Sep-Oct 2020

December 11, 2020 by Sjet


Good evening and morning all the fine folk at sea, to another glorious day in the 22nd Fleet. And by day I mean I’m writing this at 3 AM in the morning with my evil cat attacking my ankles. But that’s neither here nor there. Let’s roll out the red carpet, put on our best 2020 Quarantine PJ’s, and enjoy a Friday morning of praising the excellent work we’ve seen coming out of the 22nd Fleet. 

First up on the block is the Sim Of Valor. This is the second time this award has been given out in as many months, and it is done so not by popular vote but by the consensus of the 22nd Fleet’s Award Committee. 

While this sim is small, the crew is very active for its size. Their writing and website presentation is Grade-A calibre. Gangs of Freecloud’s premise is also unique and refreshing to look at. Gaining new players can be hard inside a sea of Trek Sims and I should hope with the strong start GoF’s had over the last few months, that they will soon reap the rewards of their hard work.

And for your praise and adoration, allow me to introduce you to the six winners of the Posts Of The Month!!…Or the Great Sjet Minibar Binge of 2020. Either way, roll the tape!

In gold place we have our two Gold plated winners who were past the post first, congrats to the writing teams on SB400 and Remnant for the fantastic work!

 Now for silver, we have a trio of winners who all came in sharing the same percentage point. Very eco-friendly ride-sharing scheme that. So we have a Browncoat, a Belter, and a Dalish all walking into a bar…yeah that’s not going to end well for anyone. 

And coming in at our bronze tier of fun-sized post participation award is the USS Black Hawk. You know, looking back over the years I get more worried about this sim every day. I mean how many awards can we slap on the hull before it buckles under the weight? It’s not like it’s driven with care and attention to the warning light s on the dash…

And with that, so concludes hopefully the last Post’s Of The Month award, where we go back to doing this once a month and not every other month because I forget that emptying out the minibar is wrong and I can stop as soon as I line up these wee bottles just so. 


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