2020 Q4 MISC Division & FDO Report

January 31, 2021 by Kaichi 


Greets from 2021 y’all!  It’s been quite the first month to an already… intense year. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the report I just wanted to take this chance to address the fleet as a whole. 

We’ve all seen ups and downs both inside and out of 22nd. Especially as someone from the US it’s been so great to have our stories and our community as a place I can fall back on and recharge. For that, I cannot thank you all enough. Also wooo! New officers life, it’s definitely been an adjustment to what I’m used to and I very much appreciate not only the trust you’ve put in me but for your patience while I figure out exactly what it means to be FDO. I’ve a few ideas right off the bat of things I’d like to work on for this next year and I hope to start sharing those with you all soon. First among those is setting up a team to really support the Fleet. I know that’s been one of the big pieces of feedback over the last year.

So I’m happy to announce that the big Frog himself, Greenfelt has graciously agreed to come on and be the Assistant Fleet Development Officer. I am very much looking forward to working with him on our ideas to help 22 flourish even more than it already has!


Now onto the nitty-gritty. MISC division has had some ups and downs over the last couple of quarters. We saw a lot of interest and growth over Q3 and some shrinkage in Q4. Some of this was due to sims leaving the fleet or closing down. While sad we will always encourage players and GMs to take their real-life considerations into account first. However, on the happier side of things, some of MISC divisions shrinking is due to the graduating of genres into their own Divisions! A huge congratulations to the GMs of the Star Wars and Firefly divisions in not only growing out of the division but thriving in their own. 

Currently the MISC division is made up of 3 sims: 

Charon’s Opus: 

Under the shadow of Saturn’s golden rings, the SS Albatross fights for her life.

Having taken a job smuggling guns to Saturn, and finding out said guns are actually Martian citizens in hibernation, the crew find the sudden attention of the Saturnian Confederacy Navy a little suspect. When a boarding party inspects them, clearly attempting to antagonizing them, few feel better when the boarding team leaves.

Now they are in a fight for their lives, stuck in the ring with a heavy cruiser throwing missiles at their courier ship. Is this to be their misfortune?

Dragon Age Legacy: 

Kalian, Martin, Elinowy, and Cainan encountered clues and began to question the disappearances of marginalized people (human Ferelden refugees and elves) in Jader. At the refugee camp, Kalian, Martin, and Elinowy investigated a suspicious job advertisement and questioned refugees. Meanwhile, Cainan agreed to help Jaslyn, an elven Grey Warden, query a ship’s captain who may have information about the missing people. In disguise, Kalian, Martin, and Elinowy set out to meet the recruiter. Along the way they met a dwarven sailor named Rhiannon Cadash and traveled together to the same destination. A Carta dwarf and her qunari bodyguard met them and hired Kalian, Martin, and Elinowy to work in a silverite mine, then invited Rhiannon to accompany them to the mine to negotiate a smuggling contract.

Exonia Realm:

The Realm of Exonia, a magical world that is mostly unexplored at this time. 

Brightlanders guild is looking for adventurers of the rank of Bronze to take up a transport mission to the city of Naleddus that lays at the borders of Bulia Kingdom, which is a member of the Council of Eleven. The mayor of Naleddus requested a load of minerals from Alderworth in regard to repairs of their systems. The payment has been completed by Naleddus, are you up for an easy coin? Sign up today!

The Brightlanders Guild is willing to pay 50 bronze coins for completion of this quest.


All in all MISC, while not as big as before is still in a good place to accept new sims and cultivate our current genres. As we begin planning for more outreach anyone who’s looking to join a niche genre can find a place with our existing sims. Also for those who may be interested in taking a turn at running their own game please reach out to myself or any of the officers and we’ll have a chat! 

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