Q4: May The Force Be With You and the Planetary Union that Aims to Misbehave

January 31, 2021 by AlphaJuliet 


Welcome to 2021 and the mini-divisions report for Star Wars, Orville and Firefly.  First up, thanks to the 22nd Fleet GM Council for the vote of confidence in myself to look after this fine little band of sims, I salute you and will endeavour to live up to your expectations. Secondly, a BIG thank you to wizardbeard for leaving the place tidy and for loosening the pickle jar lid. Pickles goooood.

Thirdly, and most importantly. To all of you – Players and GMs –  writing in worlds that provide escape to all of us from the emotional reality of the last year, a huge THANK YOU! On behalf of all of us still just about holding onto sanity, whether you’re working out there in the world, working away inside your own home, locked down with family, locked in on your lonesome or just simply surviving, I wanted to let you know that, no matter what you might think of your current position in these complicated times, you’re awesome and you got this.

And now to the report on our fine sims (listed per mini-division in alphabetical order) for this final quarter of 2020 into 2021. Please. Be kind, 2021.

Star Wars

A fine band of GMs with three active and one provisional sim comprise our now comfortably established Star Wars mini-division. Our GMs have built a exciting, varied and strong base for this new genre within the 22nd Fleet, each sim exploring a different perspective on the universe. Some murky, some well-lit and all with an enthusiasm for daring deeds, fast rides, weapons, explosions and just the right amount of waving lightsabers around without any need to make the buuuh-zuuuum noise all on your own.

Nightfall The Clone Wars rages onward, across the Galaxy the Clone Army of the Republic and Droid Armies of the Confederacy meet in bloody combat. Peacekeepers no more, the exploits of Jedi Generals make headlines in every civilized world, tales of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker thrill audiences from every walk of life. Behind the scenes, some Jedi still try to hold to the old ways, keeping watch over those who want to escape the fighting. But, even they may find it hard to escape the grip of ever-growing conflict….

Remnants of the Fallen On their second mission: Secrets, Survival, and Safety… centers around the ramifications of our first mission. In the first mission, Haven’s band of Jedi and Rebels managed to successfully raid the prison complex on the agricultural planet of Adamar. Darth Vader was not pleased and as such, put the Imperial Inquisitor Corps on notice. Since then, traps have been lain all over the galaxy to lure more former Jedi and Force Sensitive people to reveal themselves to the Empire. Haven’s Enclave, realizing their heightened vulnerability, have split up into 4 groups (stories that run ICly and OOCly in tandem). Two focus on Haven’s survivability, one on a Jedi rescue/retrieval mission, and another is a fact-finding mission to know what happened to a Haven Jedi who hasn’t reported in.

Rogue Wings After crashing back down to Naarshada, defecting Tie Pilot Melvyn Costas finds himself pursued by imperial agents, local gangsters and a Rogue X-wing pilot Kordelia that would just as happily slit his throat as help him escape. Neither is currently aware of their similar beliefs and alignment with the Rebel Alliance.

Shades of Grey It has all come crashing down for Sol Harizzo and the denizens of Grey Wing the company they had built crushed under the boot of the New Republic after a series of bad decisions which left the grey’s the biggest thorn in the New Republic’s side. So comes a time to rebuild for Grey Wing unfortunately for everyone involved it quickly becomes apparent that there is a Hutt in the background pull all of the strings and forcing Grey Wing to dance to their tune.


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The Firefly Division ends Q4 with two of our original three sims still active. Unfortunately, TheeFlamehead has been absent and beyond contactable reach since early in Q3. All of us in the 22nd Fleet hope he’s safe and well and that he’ll return in the future, but for now, Geronimo has been removed from the available list of sims on 22nd Fleet and a note left on the site (thanks Blondie!) and in the Discord. We sincerely hope to welcome TF back at some point, and thank him for the fun times. They are not forgotten. This leaves us now with two active Firefly sims:

Fortune’s Echo Delivering a cargo of good old fashioned IPA to the rough and ready Core planet of Santo turned into a bar fight in which someone lost their face at the hands of a timid looking young lady. Being an old school sucker/gent, the Captain took responsibility and ended up in jail. His luck hasn’t run out yet though. Thankfully, and while the Firefly’s found-family crew rallied to the rescue, a Companion from the past and a new client in the form of a Shepherd engineered a way to rescue him. Now, onwards, to Ghost and a missing person.

Greenleaf Skyplex is an orbital city over the planet of Greenleaf which offers adventure, intrigue, and profit to those brave or savvy enough to dock their ship or set up shop. Currently, Minster Carnahan begins his investigation, bringing in many civilians for interrogation. Several individuals, including Reka Chitang, have been held over for extensive questions in regards to their contact with a mysterious woman called Eponine. Jemison Ajayi has arrived on the station trying to outrun her criminal past as a master forger in the Core. She has fallen in with the Petrovich crime family and together, they have begun a new enterprise. Security Chief Mack Shepard has found herself in the middle of a pocket of Independent supporters that want to use her wartime celebrity to continue forwarding the values of the defeated Independents.


The Orville Division remains a duo of sims, one based aboard a ship, the other aboard a station. Stubbornly determined to keep bringing Seth McFarlane’s universe to life despite the ever increasing gap between Season Two and a promise of Season Three, we soldier bravely on, tongues firmly in cheek.

The USS Portland remains in orbit about a planet called Aorkon 5. Having secured the somewhat feral and crazed members of the stranded Marchana crew, the officers of the USS Portland currently seek a power signature deep beneath the ground of the planet. An unexpected surprise development being a guide in the form of a seven foot tall bear-like human critter…

The Unmentionables, is under new leadship in the hands of our very own Absinthe. Absinthe has found some comfy chairs and is currently carrying out some interrogations friendly conversations with the UCID staff. Increasing reports of abductions from Station 314 have lead to allegations of sex trafficking…

A Final Word

We’re living through emotional and challenging times for sure, but we’ve all been in this together from the big deals to the little nudges and friendly ‘hey, how ya doings’. Moving forward I intend to continue to support our mini-divisions with the intention of helping Star Wars become big enough and stable enough to become a division in its own right. Anything you feel I can do to facilitate that, feel free to speak up.

To all the players out there – if you have any JP ideas, questions, characters or need a friendly IC shoulder, please shout up within your sims. Anyone out there wishing to pitch a sim idea or give GMing a go with plenty of support (and safe places to trade memes), please don’t hesitate to apply here.

Stay safe, have fun where you can and look out for each other.


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