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November & December 2020 Post of the Month Winners!

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Hi all, thank you so so much for being patient while we worked out the leftovers of 2020 as we all learned to do 2021! It’s certainly been an experience but quite a lot of fun at the same time! It is now my pleasure to announce the Post of the Month(s) winners for November and December 2020!!

In Gold place, coming at us from a Galaxy Far, Far Away we have a double winner from our Star Wars Division!! Remnants of the Fallen took the top slot for November and December 2020 for their posts ‘Assignments Galore‘ and ‘What’s Past is Prologue‘.

In Silver Place, representing from parts unknown, mostly because I’m sure these guys got a little turned around along the way… 😉 I kid, of course. We have the USS Portland’s post ‘Looks Like All of Them‘ in November and Fortune’s Echo in December with their post ‘From Here to Infirmary‘!

In Bronze Place, all the way from the Alpha Quadrant, our Star Trek Division we have Memory Theta in November with their post ‘Amidst the Flotsam’ and USS Black Hawk in December with ‘Brother Bringing News’

Congratulations to everyone that won an award and to our other Nominees: Greenleaf Skyplex, Dragon Age: Legacy, and Star Wars: Nightfall! And of course, thank you to all who voted. Keep up with those posts and don’t forget to Nominate your favorite posts for January!


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