Peace Returns to the Galaxy

February 4, 2021 by MBremer 


(Starbase 400 – Stardate 74543.6). It’s over! Peace has come to a war weary galaxy. After a fierce final series of battles between Federation Alliance forces and the Typhon Pact, a cease fire was agreed to.

This is Joseph Cronkite reporting for the Federation News Service. The Federation Alliance went on the offensive and attacked the Romulans at RDB20. As the fleet became bogged down in the fighting, Starfleet’s reserve fleet lead by Fleet Admiral Bremer commanding the USS Enterprise-E arrived and helped to encircle the Typhon Pact forces causing many of the surviving ships to surrender.

As the Federation Alliance fleet pushed on toward New Romulus, the Breen and Romulan forces counter-attacked the Cardassians damaging several bases with a few ships even straffing Cardassia Prime itself. This caused the Cardassians to pull their ships out of the Beta Quadrant to defend their own territory.

The Breen and Romulans then attacked Deep Space Nine, but as a Federation force was sent to assist the base, hundreds of Dominion ships came through the wormhole to defend their former enemy. Once the attackers were forced to fall back, the fleet of Federation, Dominion, and Cardassian ships headed back toward the front lines in the Beta Quadrant.

Fleet Admiral Bremer and civilian Raekwon Vox reached out to the Romulan civilian government and military leadership. With two fleets baring down on them, including fresh Dominion forces, the Romulans agreed to a cease fire, which was soon joined by the rest of the Typhon Pact governments. Peace celebrations soon break out across the galaxy.

In the aftermath of the war; Starbase 400’s ships return to the station, just in time for Christmas. The Enterprise-E was detached and sent to Earth. While the formal peace treaty is forthcoming and soon to be signed, everyone everywhere are returning their pre-war tasks. The treaty will return most of the territorial borders to their pre-war positions, with the exception of the Romulans. The Romulan Empire will be split in two. Half becoming the Romulan Free State, while the other is retained as the Romulan Empire. The Neutral Zone will also be adjusted. The ‘northern’ area between the Federation and the Romulan Empire will become home to the Fenris Rangers who patrol the area and work to keep the fragile peace. The Federation also gains access to the ‘Artifact’, a Borg Cube in Romulan space, and Federation scientists will be assigned. The Romulan Republic officially leaves the Federation and joins the Romulan Free State, however many Romulans remain in the Federation territory as Federation Citizens. Increased exploration missions in the Gamma Quadrant are approved, and the Cardassians, Ferengi, and Romulans will be given access to the Bajorian Wormhole. The Dominion will be allowed to send no more than four ships into the Alpha and Beta Quadrants for exploration missions and exchange operations with Starfleet. Other terms will be reveled at a later date.

Let us all take a moment to pray for, and remember all those that gave their lives for the freedoms we all enjoy.

Once again, reporting for the Federation News Service, this is Joseph Cronkite.


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