22nd Fleet Quarter 4 Report

February 13, 2021 by Sjet 



Welcome, one and all, to the far off future year of twenty Twenty…ONE.

Yeah, I thought that sounded better in my head too. Anyway, moving on from that, we’ve made it around the corner of 2020 and we are now sailing into the future. And we’re still here, a minor miracle in my opinion. But a miracle made possible by all of you, Game Managers and Players alike, who have brought the warm flame of entertainment to all who have read your posts and stories. 

This hobby, this game we all play, is in my humble opinion a vital service we provide and take use of especially now. An escape from the hardships of life, even temporarily, to imagine things we could never do ourselves and sculpt a future brighter than our current present. I’ve taken use of this myself to great affect, and count myself fortunate to be in the company of such talented writers.

During last year more of the player base and GM’s came out of the woodwork to offer help, to lend their voice to discussions and creative endeavours. The 22nd Fleet Award Committee is one such group, who are even more tirelessly working on ways to highlight and celebrate the excellence that is the writers of our little tribe.

 And on that note…

Sim & Player Of The Quarter 


November 2020-Removal Of Current Fleet Development Officer: Vote Passed

December 2020-Fleet Development Officer 2021: Kaichi Confirmed As FDO

December 2020-Operations Officer 2021: AlphaJuliet Confirmed As Op’s Officer

December 2020-Star Trek Division Head 2021: Aio Confirmed As Star Trek Division Head

December 2020-Chairperson 2021: Sjet Confirmed As Chairperson 

January 2021-Confirmation Vote For Vice Chairperson 2021: OrionSquared Confirmed As Vice Chairperson

Plans For The Next Quarter

The formalisation and implementation of new award categories as are being discussed by the Awards Committee and GM Council.

Becoming more active and forward facing on social media and Discord recruitment servers, to spread the good word that is the 22nd Fleet and its myriad entertainments.

Strengthening our ties with other groups in our community, to aid in the sharing of ideas and information, as well as mutually assured assistance. 

Final Thoughts

It’s been a hell of a year. 2020, I wish I could say I’ll miss you, but you were a dumpster fire without doubt.

But like any fire, it at least kept us warm through the winter. I want to keep that spirit going, to see new players finding a place by our campfire, and hopefully bring new GM’s forward so they can tell us their stories. This is not to say I want the 22nd Fleet to exponentially grow, far from it: size really is not everything. But I think a lot of us, GM’s and players alike, have so many stories to tell.

I personally cannot wait to hear them, as I am sure you can’t too. 


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