Sim Of Valor Awardees and New Monthly Award Nominations

March 7, 2021 by Kaichi


Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Hope you are all still doing well, staying safe, and taking the time to recharge and be fulfilled during these continuingly hard times. Self-care is important and I hope you’re all able to take time to do so. Anyway, not sure how that tangent got going, but I’mma leave it in. Positivity is important and I think that these announcements count along those lines!

Firstly let’s start off with some recognition of two great sims with our Sim of Valor Award for January and February 2021!

January’s Sim of Valor Awardee is:

Starbase 400!

This sim has been around longer than most text-based, story-driven RPG Sims. And looking at the site, you can see why that is. Bremer has himself a solid base of loyal players invested in the story. The fact he can provide fresh mission ideas one after another for so long is, in itself, impressive. Website-wise, SB400 has mountains of material to help new players navigate the sim. It’s this hard work and dedication the GM and the players have with SB400 that stands out. Thus it’s only fitting they be awarded the Sim of Valor

February’s Sim of Valor Awardee is:

USS Altai

The Altai has been one of our longest-running, and smallest simulations in terms of player size. Its small band of writers, however, has been long committed to producing quality posts, no matter how long they take to write. Recently, the site went through a visual refresh and has also recently added new players. The Altai serves as a prime example that if you set your mind to it, and continue to move forward, you can accomplish anything.

Congratulations to both Sims and thank you for your contributions to 22nd Fleet! We can’t wait to see what comes next for SB400 and the Altai going forward.

Now for our next bit of news. I’m very happy to finally be able to announce the rollout of our new Monthly Awards and nomination process!!!

We as the awards committee felt we could be doing more to recognize the efforts of our community on a more regular basis. In the past we’ve only had 2 monthly awards Sim of Valor and Post of the month. Going forward we will have nominations for several former Quarterly awards that will now be monthly:

Divisional Star
Excellence in Role Play
Community Star
Collaborative Machine

All of these awards can now also be nominated from a single form, found here: On this form you’ll also see our Quarterly Distinguished Service and Yearly 22nd Fleet Commendation of Excellence. In time we hope that most if not all awards in the Fleet will be nominated through this method. So please, all the feedback is appreciated!

To that end, we will be taking nominations for these awards for the first time relating to February 2021. Please submit any nominations by next Sunday 3/14 at 12pm Pacific Time.

Also a HUGE shout out and thank you to our very own Greenfelt who was able to whip this form up for us. Truly without his technical skill and dedication, I would be lost in all this.

Now, with all this new activity for the Awards Committee, I also wanted to let people know that we’re always open to new members (GMs and Players) who are looking to get involved. Main duties of the Committee are:

  • Evaluate and develop new awards as needed
  • Nominate & Vote on Sim of Valor
  • Vote on our new Monthly Awards once nominations are closed
  • Making regular award announcements such as: SOV, monthly awards

If any of this interests you please feel free to reach out and/or join us by selecting the role on the bot-roles Discord channel.


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