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February 2021 post of the Month Voting!

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Afternoon and Happy Sunday!

It’s that time for another Kaichi announcement/vote/poll thing! Hope you’re all not too tired of em. 😉 I also wanted to thank you all for your patience with our technical difficulties with the form and thus everything happening later in the month than usual. We’ve got a really nice and diverse number of posts for y’all this month, please make sure to take a look, and spread the word to your sims. We’ll keep voting open until next Sunday 21/3/21 (British way for the symmetry, I love it!) at 12pm Pacific Time.

Also, don’t forget that we now have Monthly Award Nominations live on our website. Please take a moment to nominate and help recognize your fellow writers. Anyone can nominate for awards.

Thanks y’all, and happy voting!


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