Tournament Of Sims 2020: A Good Thing From A Rubbish Year

March 22, 2021 by Sjet


2020 was a rough year. A pandemic, lockdowns, crises and an upturning of all our lives. But thanks to the ongoing good work of Tournament Of Sims, we have a chance to celebrate some fantastic games that have kept us entertained and brought a little brightness back into our lives.

 Now I could just list all of the winners here because a lot of sims from across our community were not only nominated but won some outstanding merits. But colour me selfish I’m just gonna focus on the ones from our little storytelling circle.

3-time Tournament winner, Memory Theta combines the mystery and paranormal horror of the X-Files with the classic scope of Star Trek. A shadowy group operating from the Bad Lands, crewed by misfits and psychopaths, they protect the United Federation and its allies from dangers beyond the writings of madmen and philosophers. Biological plagues that are sentient, star devouring terraforming machines, rogue artificial intelligence and awakening ancient machines from a war of god-like power. But they did drop Spacedock 1 on Paris, so they’re not all that bad. 

3-time Tournament winner, the Black Hawk could almost be classed as an MMORPG given it has enough players on its roster to field the 22nd Fleet Softball Team (GO MUPPETS! ((Merch pending))). To sum up the Black Hawk in a single word that doesn’t have anything to do with the poor driving skills of its CO is comradery. The ever-expanding cast of characters on the Black Hawk support and interplay on a mission of exploration. Their gameplay is the bread and butter of the Black Hawk, and it’s always happy to serve up another customer.

First-time winner, Dragon Age: Legacy is set in the port city Jader, on the picturesque Waking Sea, an Orlesian city on the border with Ferelden. A stepping off point for travellers, merchants, and goods from across the known world, it boasts a cosmopolitan population from across the known world of diverse origins. The city holds many secrets, both new and old. Fantasy, high concept storytelling, and epic scale bring a sense of grandeur to this sim that is embodied by the great storytelling of its players. A natural 20 of success!

This one is special. A sim set in the ‘Verse of Firefly, a fandom that will never die and will always rise again, it took up the call of many a captain: find a ship, find a crew, and keep flying. And with the encroaching tendrils of totalitarianism of The Alliance, pressing up against the bloody edge of the Black where madmen and monsters reside, it was hard for a crew to find honest work. But if they could pull off some daring heroics, and be bad guys for a moment or two, riches abound.

This sim came to a halt in the closing days of 2020, but it was awarded a winners pendant in the Tournament Of Sims for its great writing and exceptional players. Alpha Juliet, Blondie, JethroAndronix, Spite, Dunny_Nick & TheeFlameHead. You proved the point at the heart of every Firefly sim. You can’t stop the signal. 

Four winners from our community, and numerous others from across the land of simming we inhabit. I want to thank everyone who nominated a sim, or participated in any that were nominated. We are all winners when it comes to the hobby we enjoy, and I look forward to seeing more of our sims placed on the winner’s podium for 2021.

Bloody well done!


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