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February 2021 Post of the Month Awards!!

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Hi y’all, happy Tuesday (sorta). Thank you all for being so patient while we compiled our various awards. Personally, I’m very grateful for the patience and consideration of everyone as I navigate my returning to work in our newly reopening world and balancing writing and officer duties. But, yeah this isn’t a post about me it’s a post about y’all and your greatest hits of the month!

First off, with a Tie for our Bronze Post of the Month Award we have USS Black Hawk’s ‘Breakfast Meeting’ and Fortune Echo’s ‘It ain’t my Fault’

Next up taking the Silver Award is Dragon Age: Legacy’s ‘Uprising’

Finally taking the Gold Award this month is Starbase 400 and their post ‘Rio Bravo Again’

Congratulations everyone and thank you to everyone who submitted a post for consideration! It was another strong month of posts from all corners of 22 and a strong showing in our voting block. It’s so great to have the chance to catch up on what y’all have been up to lately. I hope everyone enjoyed the posts and will keep on giving all our participating sims some much-deserved love. And don’t forget the end of March is right around the corner so start looking for the stars of this month soon!


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