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Swimmer in the Water! Swimmer In The Water!

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95,471 miles of Coastline, an untold number of waterways across 50 states, all patrolled and protected by 50,000. Calm or tempestuous the personnel of the US Coast Guard are ever watchful of danger; from nature or from the fault of man, The Guard never shirks its duty to protect the people of the United States. But when human emotion and want is a turbulent as the seas itself, who watches the watchers? The Coast Guard Investigative Service’s mandate is protecting the welfare of Coast Guard personnel, and supporting Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) maritime law enforcement and counter-terrorism missions worldwide.

Joining the Misc Division under our very own Stephen, CGIS is a play by Nova sim set in the Modern Day. Based on a “Regional Response Team” based in the Chesapeake/Capital Region of the agency. This team is made up of Active Duty, Full-Time Reserve, and Civilian personnel.

If you’re interested in joining check out their Fleet Splash page, site and Discord for available positions; and join me in welcoming another unique sim to the 22nd!


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