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2021Q1 Star Trek Division Report

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What a start to the year it’s been. We started off just a few weeks ago in March 2020, and then it finally changed to April 2021 over the last couple of weeks. At least, that’s what it feels like. With the world currently feeling like it’s moving in a more positive direction, let’s hope it sticks, and we can begin to return to some form of normalcy, even if it is the ‘New’ Normal.

So let’s raise a glass to the next quarter, in the hopes that there will be more joy for everyone!

Canopus Station: The Carpathia System, the frontier capitol of the exploration in Messier 4, is visited by three strange comets. Slow-moving at interstellar speeds, the comet’s have been known about since the Federation arrived almost six months ago. Only now the comet’s have changed course, breaking hard with massive engines into an orbit around the outer planets. The Canopus Station crew go out to investigate, as all attempts to communicate have failed.

Meanwhile, a Marine guarded science and intel team head to the planet of Tripwire, a centre of Concordance interests near Federation space. There they find a world brutalised by strip mining, home to millions in neatly arranged camps,. and orbited by a massive fleet of nuclearly pulse drive starships of immense size. What is the Concordance apart from an enemy, is one of the key questions the team will find out on Tripwire.

Memory Theta: At Venus, the Memory Theta team was able to defeat an ancient AI and the entity it was meant to contain by purging the AI from all system and repurposing the solar diffuser into a giant beam cannon to gouge the Abad’Ashar entity from the crust of Venus. However, Sol was devastated by the deorbiting of Spacedock onto the planet’s surface, destroying Paris and raining debris over the northern hemisphere. 

As a result the command staff of Memory Theta were summoned to Deep Space 9, however, a massive detonation on the moon Alucard of Corvan Prime, also known as planet Dhampir, with traces of Thalaron radiation has resulted in the team being activated to investigate while only part of the administrative staff have convened at DS9.

Ourea Station: The Vaadwaur have launched an attack on Ourea Station, and sent troops to the colony below! They seem to be taking great care in not killing anyone, but why? 

Star Trek: Mash: The Sherman Potter detects an unknown ship drifting through space. Scans show reptilian life signs, so they stop to help. However, due perhaps to a general distrust of strangers or actual animosity, the reptiles are hostile when revived and the crew must find a way to communicate our intentions with them and de-escalate the situation, preferably without loss of life.

Star Trek: Peregrine: At Caelia, plans are coming together to welcome Romulan refugees from the impending destruction of their homeworld. However, on its mercy mission the USS Pioneer has been destroyed, with very few survivors. Receiving a distress call from the beleaguered Captain Tivan, the Mixcoatl has been dispatched to resolve the situation: preferably peaceably but by force if necessary.

Starbase 400: The Romulan Republic officially leaves the Federation and joins the Romulan Free State, however many Romulans remain in the Federation. Increased exploration missions in the Gamma Quadrant are approved, and the Cardassians, Ferengi, and Romulans are given access to the Bajorian Wormhole. The Dominion is allowed to send no more than four ships into the Alpha and Beta Quadrants for exploration missions and exchange operations with Starfleet

USS Altai: Captain Osegan and Commander Talbot met with Gamma Quadrant Commanding Officer Admiral O’Connell and his attaché for Fleet Operations, Commander Kos, to receive new orders. Those orders: investigate the discovery of a Federation signal coming from a system with no record of sentient life and no Federation presence in three years.

The signal is a short message, on repeat: “They’re coming.”

USS Aquarius:  Assigned their first patrol mission, the crew of the Aquarius are sent to investigate cargo traveling in and out of the neutral zone when they discover a Wallace Class Patrol Craft adrift in space.

USS Blackhawk: The Blackhawk has taken command of Task Group Belvedere, searching for potential locations for pirates to take refuge and use as safe havens. While on patrol, the ship detects an uncharted binary star system and begins to investigate. An away team is sent to the planet, encountering a seemingly lifeless planet. The Blackhawk remains in orbit while a thorough investigation is conducted.

USS Lexington: The Lexington, relaunched under the command of Admiral Bachelet begins a tour of the former Confederation worlds. Visiting several worlds, there is a great deal of reticence and misgiving. On its way to another, the crew responds to a distress signal from an Andorian convoy under attack by the dastardly Klingons. Rendering aid the crew gains the opportunity to salvage a Klingon computer core. The core is salvaged, but the away team is abducted by a stealth ship, though Lexington is able to locate it. Now the crew must race against the clock to save the away team and prevent further hostilities.

USS Medea: The Medea has reached Benides and located the missing research station, across the planet from where it is supposed to be and under water. Beaming down, they find the crew alive, but seemingly entirely unaware that they are underwater. The team splits up to figure out what is going on.

USS New Hampshire: The crew of the New Hampshire are sent to find out why Star Base 945 has quit responding to hails from Star Fleet Command. Two docked star ships have been reported to being there and they too have not responded to hails.

USS Odyssey: The Odyssey has reached its destination, Fiddler’s Green after transiting through the pirate infested Stygian Traverse. A small team has been dispatched to apprehend the wanted fugitive.

USS Sirius: The Sirius is transporting a Romulan delegation to Earth. In an historic event that could make or break relations between the Federation and the Empire.

USS Tanihwa: The Taniwha is hot on the trail of the USS Fenris a fellow Akira class reported lost inside the Badlands. Attempting a wild plan to try and locate them in the volatile plasma fields the Captain decides to take a risk. Meanwhile, Taniwha’s support vessels attempt to reach the ship and help in the search for the Fenris. Little do many of the crew know that a shadow hangs over their mission and the crew at large.

USS Traveller: The Castaulli have sided with the Federation in wishing to be free of the Myriad. But unbeknownst to them, the Myriad are aware of the secret meeting between the snake-like Castaul and the invaders from the Milky Way.

The Myriad turn the Spitting Cobra, a Prior machine able to connect a short term wormhole between itself and the heart of a nearby star, on the Castaul homeworld. Incinerating it, the Castaul survive in the massive floating cities they had built with the warning they had received centuries before about Myriad ‘aid’.

Now they are forced to act, and the Traveller is set for the battle of it’s life.

USS Amandora: The Amandora is sent to Plant Savai. The planet has requested admittance to the Federation. There are three different factions on the planet.  One faction is large cat like creatures (not related to any other species) second faction is a group of beings who live on floating islands while the cat beings live and hunt on the ground and the third faction are mining things and are dangerous. They manage to keep out of sight but have been found in a place the cat beings call the ancient cities. The cats don’t go there as they are afraid of it.

USS Gremlin: The Gremlin is the division’s newest sim and has not yet begun its first mission. Watch this space.


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