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22nd Fleet Chairperson Report Quarter One 2021

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In a word: failure.

Failure in concept. Failure in execution. But I hope by the end of this report, you will see that I intend no more failures on my watch.

 It is no small thing to say I envisioned my role as Chairperson as something more akin to a guidance counsellor, a cheerleader if you will celebrating our successes and highlighting the lessons of our failures so we might avoid them. But the role of Chairperson is not only this but as the fuel in the engine that drives our Fleet towards growth and prosperity as well as guidance when the discussion turns to discord.

 Early this year that is exactly what happened, the engine went dark, and no one was at the wheel to stop us from becoming our own prophetic EVERGIVEN. Discussions turned into shouting matches, and I as Chairperson was absent to give direction and curb the over-enthusiastic amongst our council. Spirited debate is one thing, but frustrating circle arguments tend to breed ruts.

 To that end, I and the Officers of the 22nd Fleet put forward a survey to the GM Council asking them for their honest and frank feedback. What was given to us was a bounty of honesty, and I want to share with you all some of the goals I have set for myself and the Officers of the 22nd Fleet going into the summer and autumn of 2021.

Who Are We

What is the 22nd Fleet to our community? We are a welcoming community happy to accept new members and aid them in finding their feet in simming and running their own games. To this end, we are working on a Mentorship program that will become the cornerstone of our publicity and recruitment drives into the latter quarters of 2021. We are a community of writers, simmers and gamers: let us add to our numbers the next generation of GM’s from across the spectrum of genres.

Officer Due Diligence

More active and engaged Officer participation in both Discord and Forum areas of the 22nd Fleet. Whilst we are not here to tell the Council what to do, we as Officers have a duty to ensure the Council moves forward towards clearly defined goals. To that end, I have asked, and been rewarded with an agreement, in Taylor becoming Vice Chairperson of the 22nd Fleet. He is a man long in the tooth when it comes to our simming community, and brings with him his wisdom of past organisations as well as an outsiders perspective on our current and past actions. 

A Code Of Conduct

To help safeguard the Discord and Council discussions from the verbal sparring that has occurred in the past, a Code of Conduct is being drawn up and worked on by the 22nd Fleet Council. Instead of combating events after they happen, we want to get to them before they have the chance to arise by having a formal set of codes to ensure all voices are heard equally. 

 My intent is to get our Fleet back on its feet. 

Vote Log For The Last Quarter 

 Changes To By-Law 12: Vote failed to meet quorum

VOTE- Vice-Chairperson Vote passed confirming Taylor as Vice-Chairperson

 VOTE: Revamping By-Law 8 Vote passed with Yay verdict.

 POLL (NOT A VOTE): Regarding Grievances Poll highlighted the desire for a Code of Conduct

 POLL (NOT A VOTE): Proposal to Remove/Change Divisions within 22nd Fleet Results leaned slightly towards retaining a divide between Trek and Non-Trek Sims

Should we update the Charter Subsections with Individual Numbers for ease of reference? The vote passed with Yay verdict.

 Do We Close The 22nd Fleet’s Orville Division? The vote passed with Yay verdict.

 Do We Remove The Two Year Term Restriction From The Chairperson Position? The vote passed with Nay verdict.

 Should we update the Charter Subsections with Individual Numbers for ease of reference? The vote failed to meet quorum.

In closing, I look forward to bring the above actions into the light of day this quarter. More active Officers, getting the 22nd Fleet back into the making games business and bringing about safeguards to protect our members from harmful discourse and harassment. 

(And this time I didn’t even make a joke. That is my pun-ishment.)


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