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Q1 2021 FDO Report, Misc Update, & a fond farewell

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Well, a whole Quarter of the year gone and it barely feels like we’re out of 2020. It’s been an interesting few months, to say the least with big changes for 22 and our real world. It was really great to see more involvement and life coming out of the group in the last month of our quarter. We had discussions about structure and how to grow… and we had discussions on how to keep each other accountable. Some were met with more enthusiasm than others but through it all, I think we found a community that was eager to improve and to grow.

And grow we did. Despite losing one of our own in the Misc division with Exonia Realm closing its doors and the dissolution of the Orville Division. We were happy to welcome not only the USS Portland, a stand-out sim in our community into our midst; but we also welcomed a new sim and the return of our former Vice-Chair with the addition of the CGIS. Growth as always comes in many different ways, not only with new members but new infrastructure.

Figuring out what was needed for an organization as large and diverse as 22 was certainly not easy. I couldn’t be more thankful for those who I was able to lean on for advice. I’m proud to say that we focused on revamping and rejuvenating how we recognized our members. From our Post of the Month system to expanding monthly awards, a big focus we wanted to get right before moving onto the bigger topics. And through that, I wanted to shout out Greenfelt who graciously stepped into the role of AFDO to help me really get that off the ground. Without his assistance, I know the process wouldn’t have gone anywhere near as smooth.

It is with that and quite the heavy heart that I need to announce that I will be resigning from the position of FDO. Between real life and frankly the stresses that have come from the position, I don’t feel I can effectively take on the responsibilities of directing the development of 22nd any longer. It certainly wasn’t an easy choice to make but I needed to put my sims first and continuing as is won’t allow me to do so. Even though I’m leaving the position I hope to still be able to contribute to the development of what was started here.

To that end I want to detail below what my long term plans for the position and 22nd were going to be.

The biggest hurdle I found with FDO was that the task that was set before them was FAR too big for a single person to do in any appreciable way along the timetable that the GM council seemed to want. From the get, there was a strong want for change within the structure of the Fleet and I was still figuring out how to really do things. Ironically the most stressful part of the job kinda set the path for me. With yearly elections, it is too big a job to set the FDO on an incredibly broad mandate of ‘fix it’ without the infrastructure in place. What I believe is that we need an infrastructure to support and outlast any one candidate in the position.

What I propose in a nutshell is the development of the Fleet Information Development Office or FIDO. The idea being that instead of depending on potentially a new person each year who has to learn the position, figure out their vision and then start building the infrastructure around them from scratch; FIDO would already be in place with those people who want to be involved with the larger job of supporting 22. The FDO and their appointed deputies would guide those people toward their goals for that Month/Quarter/Year etc. Broadly I looked at 3 main categories of work: 1) Public Relations, 2) Community Engagement, and 3) Technical Support. These three areas are what I see as needed to be in not just working order but in good collaboration for 22nd to Thrive. Each area would support the other in the various needs of the organization and be able to bring the FDO’s vision for their term to fruition.

Broad overview of FIDO

Under these categories, I believe that the best system of infrastructure is the current committee system that we are discussing formalizing. Currently, we have the Awards and Mentor Committees, these would fall under the Community Engagement category, along with a future development of an FNS style group under what I’m calling news. Under Technical Support we have the Graphics and Tech Teams. Those would be our photoshop, design, web, tech wizards. Finally, under Community Relations, we have our Ambassadors, both external/Internal, and our recruiters. People who are active in the community and abroad, who are welcoming and engaging to members new and old.

Detailed FIDO breakdown

Building these various Committees will be no small task and probably would take months of work just on their own. But in the end, I think having the infrastructure there that will be around before and after the specific term of an FDO is key. Not only for the growth and expansion of 22 but also for the self-care of those who have stepped up to take on the role of being an officer. I can tell you from experience that it’s a lot, it’s emotionally draining and downright infuriating at times. But it’s also rewarding but those moments are sadly fewer and farther in-between than can be asked for by a hobby. I think that reality keeps many of us on the Council and in the larger member base from becoming involved with 22 on a deeper level. I see this as a way for those who want to be involved but can’t dedicate the time and bandwith that is required of being an officer to help contribute.

If anyone is interested in learning more about my deeper plans the detailed document can be found here: Fleet Information and Development Office.

So yes, that’s what’s up with 22nd in this first quarter. I can’t say it’s always been a pleasure to serve as your FDO but it was quite rewarding and an honor. Truly the group of officers you have now are some of the best I’ve seen in over 15 years of simming. I’m just sorry I can’t continue to count myself among them. Say what you will but they are an incredibly talented, dedicated, and supportive group of people. Reach Out to them when you need I can tell you they will do everything they can to make sure you and yours Sims are thriving here. 

So yeah, that is as they say that… it’s certainly bittersweet to make this announcement and even now I’m stretching it out because there’s a huge part of me that doesn’t want to go. So with that, I always said I wanted to go out with a bit of a bang. As my last official act and one of the things, I’ve wanted to do since getting the job… I’m creating a new #Food channel on the discord! I know I’m not alone in being one of 22nd’s foodies and I hope we can share our love for food, recipes, and pictures over there.

Thank you all for the opportunity you gave me to lend my expertise, knowledge, and passion to this amazing community. I hope to continue to see it thrive in the coming months and years.

With love,

Kaichi 🖖


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