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Vice Chair’s Welcome: But why Taylor?

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I was asked this week why I accepted when Sjet asked me if I would accept a nomination for the Vice Chair role the answer was easy even if it took me a few minutes to fully articulate my thoughts.

At its core the reason I accepted is that I believe in the vision of 22nd Fleet that the GM Council has, I believe that we can become a warm, welcoming safe space for writing and role play and that we can through our actions ensure that this group remains that way for years to come.

Many years ago I was in the command team of another group that experience soured me on the ideals of ‘command’ and being a fake Admiral, it didn’t make me happy, it didn’t help those around me and eventually I burned out saying to myself I would never take a position of leadership like that again.

So why Taylor? Why are you doing this now?

Belief is a powerful thing, so is having experienced the wrong thing previously. There was no way it felt right to me not to apply the hard earned knowledge I have to a group that means so much to me. Whether 22nd Fleet is 2 games or 20 games I intend to ensure that my fellow Officers and I are doing the duties that the GM Council charged us with – at the forefront of that for me is creating that safe space to write in.

So that is what I’m here for the culture of 22nd Fleet that promise that even if Q2 2021 hasn’t been the way that the GM council wants I firmly believe that Q2 can be and with some effort from the Officers – it will be.


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