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Bring Out Your Noms!

Rings a bell. Bring out your noms! Bring our your noms! Rings a bell.

April is almost at a close, and the time has come to nominate your favorite post(s) for Post of the Month, as well as those outstanding players you’ve noticed for our monthly awards.

NOMINATE FOR POST OF THE MONTH: https://www.22ndfleet.com/potm-nominations/

NOMINATE FOR PLAYER AWARDS: https://www.22ndfleet.com/award-noms/

But what about March? We never saw anything awarded for that?

You’re absolutely right! Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to start the voting process. We do have all of the nominations safely secured, so don’t worry about that. We’ll run the votes for March and April side-by-side!

What about the remaining Quarterly Awards? Who won Player/Sim of the Month?

The officers are finishing those up and we should have those out soon!

What about these Player Awards? Can I nominate ANYONE? And what can be awarded?

To see a full list of our awards, see the “Player Awards” area of our site’s Awards Center!

We look forward to seeing everyone’s nominations, and best of luck to all who are nominated!


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