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Sim & Player of the first Quarter 2021

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Sim Of The Quarter

USS Lexington Bronze

The golden rule of role play adventures is othus: never split the party. Never go into the dark room alone, or get divided into monster Happy Meals for easy pickings. These are truths hard won, and we remember the fallen characters of yesterday who brought us these harsh lessons.

But saying that, it’s the reason the USS Lexington got the bronze this quarter. Splitting a writing party up is a good way to over tax a sim, but the crew of the Lexington pulled it off. They all pitched in, writing like the devils they are, and have lived to write another day in the 22nd Fleet. On the Lexington the writers rule the roost, as it should be. Bloody well done.

USS Gremlin Silver

….Did someone feed it after midnight? Did we get it wet? Who knows, because whatever the GM and writers did it seems to be working. The USS Gremlin is set in the Sigmaverse, the second Collaborative Shared Cannon group in the 22nd Fleet. With it the story telling potential of the SU is doubled, meaning more terrible ideas, barely thought of plans, and disaster per square footage than our insurance carrier can handle. It’s fantastic to see such creativity bearing fruit, as I am sure we can all agree. Good things will come of this I know it.

Rogue Wings Gold

The sim that would not die. Through the sheer pluck and determination of its GM and writers, a small number to be sure but all the more determined for it, they brought this sim back from the brink of closure. If a literal resurrection is not worthy of the gold medal, then it at least deserves getting a saint hood. The Force is surely strong with this one.

Player Of Quarter 1

Zuzutoo Bronze

Even though he has never played the video games that give Dragon Age: Legacy its setting, Zuzutoo plays a character that is fully immersed in world lore, a religious and opinionated sister of the faith. Zuzutoo manages to bring together players’ characters with awkwardly humorous IC interactions. It is a delight to have him as a player on the sim. Not to mention his work as GM of Rogue Wings in bringing his sim back to life.

Alpha Juliet Silver

His hard work and support brought Rogue Wings back from the edge of closing and gave it a resurgence of energy. Also his work on the Traveller brought not only a fantastically original character to the game, but lore building potential for the entire Messier 4 Verse

Intumnsce Gold

For creating from whole cloth not only the lore and world building fiction needed to help pad out the missing gaps in a genre’s lore, but for encouraging others to take part in the creative process. This steady encouragement has lead to a depots of player of engagement rarely seen in sims, and is a hallmark of the minds that help make up our Misc Division.

A well done to all who were nominated and to the sims our community vouched for. Here’s to what we do best!


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