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Another year has passed, and we here at the 22nd Fleet are happy to celebrate a milestone with all of you. Our organization is celebrating its 2nd anniversary all throughout the month of May!

We have several exciting things planned for this month. Writing contests. Watch parties. Member and sim highlights. And so much more!

The last twelve months have been rough for many of us. COVID kept us isolated and turned our lives upside down. We’ve all had to adjust to a new normal. And we as an organization have gone through some growing pains of our own.

But we cannot afford to exist why we exist in the first place. 22nd Fleet was founded to be a community of writers, all of whom gather to tell exciting stories. In the year to come, let us recognize the different writings and efforts that happen on our member sims in new and unique ways.

Drop by our discord throughout the month. Salivate and exchange recipes in our new #food channel. Discuss your favorite tabletop and RP moments in our #tabletop-gaming channel, or even chat about your favorite video games in #virtual-gaming. Or even join the never ending GIF train or hunt down the elusive frog legs (just ask our Vice Chair. He knows where to find them).

May 2021 will soon show itself to be an exciting month. And we here at the 22nd Fleet hope that it will kick off a new era of collaboration, community, and most of all… FUN!

Happy second anniversary, 22nd Fleet!


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