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Fleet Develop’s A New Officer

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 It is with a glad heart that I hereby announce to all of the 22nd Fleet that we have a new Fleet Development Officer stepping into shoes left behind by Kaichi. This person needs no introduction, and in fact, I feel this stock photograph from the 22nd Fleet archives should suffice.


 Huum…that one seems to be from a time when he was Chairperson of the 22nd Fleet. Might need to roll the way-back-machine to a point when he did honest hard work.


 Ahh there we go! And with both feet walking in the same direction, I look forward to seeing Greenfelt singing the praises of the 22nd Fleet to all of the internets. His plan for the Fleet Development Office revolves around bringing out GM Mentoring Program to fruition as well as community engagement, public relations and technical support. 

 A round of applause for Greenfelt, the newest officer (returning officer) to the 22nd Fleet. I am sure in the days to come, we’ll hear in more detail some of his plans for us! And I am sure I’m not the only one who will offer my support to Greenfelt in his new role!


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