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Some folks think we’re Niche, I say we’re Extraordinary!

Today it’s been my honour to inherit the Misc Division, a diverse and fun bunch of sims which I can happily say I’m bias to be a part of as a GM, a player and now as an Officer. I will endeavour to support, encourage and assist each of you and your individual worlds. But that’s enough about me, let’s have a look (in alphabetic order) at these fine places we have here in 22nd Fleet and what’s on offer to be explored.

Bring friends, you’re gonna need ’em!

First up is Charon’s Opus, set in the hard sci-fi world of The Expanse. Yup, that’s the one you might have seen it on TV or read the books. Just the place if you don’t want to worry about all those fancy things like teleportation and warp drives, but you do crave some danger, comraderie and long hauls with a bunch of misfits, er, sorry, consummate professionals. For more info, or if you’d like to join the crew of the Albatross, click the image below.

Next up is CGIS, set in real world, modern day (2021 minus that pesky pandemic). The United States Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) is a premier federal law enforcement agency serving to protect the personnel, assets, and integrity of the US Coast Guard across the world. CGIS also investigates civilian-related issues such as crimes on federal/interstate waterways, crimes occurring on cruise lines, human trafficking, drug trafficking, crimes in major ports, and is involved in counter-terrorism. For more info, or if you’d like to grab a badge, a gun and a fancy business needs vehicle, click the image below.

Moving on now to Dragon Age: Legacy, set in the world of Dragon Age II. Go medieval on folks’ ass as a warrior, a rogue or a mage! Write as a different race (elf, dwarf or qunari) or opt for regular human flavour. Rather than trying to save the world, these characters are just trying to save themselves, their friends, and their city. If you have an idea, if you feel you can help, maybe you can be a part of the danger, the fun and the solution. If you want to find out more or join the adventure, click the image below.

And last but only because the Orville Division ceased to exist and also because ‘U’ comes pretty late in the alphabet… the USS Portland. Set in the Orville universe on board a mid-level Exploratory-class vessel in the Union Fleet, this crew are tasked with exploring the reaches beyond known Union Space. It’s out here in the dark, faraway places that some really weird stuff can go down. We aim to face that kinda thing with a wry smile and a sense of humour, but we also keep the bar well-stocked with a rainbow of beautiful and all-purpose alcohol too. If you want to find out more, click the image below.

And, finally… in this wonderful world of social distancing and unlimited imagination – here’s to good times, good people and great stories whichever universe you choose to play in. If I can help, just ask. I leave you with this quote and to the joys of writing with friends and strangers alike. Thanks for reading!


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