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Mankind Has Always Feared What It Doesn’t Understand.

Welcome to 1990!

In the dawn of the final decade of the 20th century, the first class of X-Men went missing with the lone exception of their field leader, Cyclops. Professor Charles Xavier, unable to locate his missing students, was forced to rebuild his team. This time, however, he looked beyond the walls of his academy and recruited mutants from wherever he was able in order to form an ALTERNATE CLASS. In time, it is hoped these new mutants will continue the fight for the future of peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans, and perhaps discover the fates of their predecessors.

X-MEN: ALTERNATE CLASS is distinct from the Earth-616 universe. There may be overlap with other Marvel properties from time to time, but the primary focus is on mutants and their struggles.

Have you already mastered your powers – using them for personal gain, survival or to help others? Or are you still trying to figure out what’s going on with you while wielding a skill-set you need help to master? Either way, Professor X is on a recruitment drive and he WILL find you!

Here’s your chance to be one of the Misunderstood…

Join wizardbeard’s X-MEN: ALTERNATE CLASS in 22nd Fleet!


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