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One Of Our Own

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 It is with a heavy heart that I bring this news to you all.

 We have recently learned that Marowulf was in an automobile accident, and due to the nature of her injuries, has been declared clinically braindead. The thoughts and prayers of the Officer’s of the 22nd Fleet go out to Marowulfs family and friends. She was one of the cornerstones of the 22nd Fleet and it is the least we can do.

When we started out with the 22nd Fleet, we had a fantastic start with a great group of Officers. Back when there were other divisions, the Orville Division was created, with Marowolf at its helm.

 She ran the Orville sim ‘Union Mining Station-42’, an unassuming name for an ambitious project. With only two seasons under its belt, the Orville-verse is not widely populated with lore and solid foundations for character creation. But Marowulf was determined, and in the grand tradition of the best Game Managers enthusiastically endorsed the creation of new ideas to fill in the gaps left by the show’s writers.

 She created a wonderful sim, and whilst her time with the 22nd Fleet was shorter than some, she left an indelible mark on our organisation. To that I, the other Officers, and the community thank her.

 Our community is a little darker for her passing. 


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