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May’s Commendations

The votes are in and the nominations have been reviewed. In addition to Posts of the Month, we have several different recipients of our monthly awards. We’ve got some shakeups this month too, which is excellent as it shows everyone that anyone can truly be recognized by our committee and your peers.

So, without further adieu, the envelopes please…

Kris! From the nomination:
When the current mission of the USS Medea began, we the players expected a fun bit of drama as the ship investigated an outpost with which we lost contact. We did not expect that we would be build upon a story begun three missions earlier. The through-line between both missions, unfamiliar and incomprehensible voices, turned what was a standard ‘what’s going on here?’ mystery mission into a truly compelling bit of storytelling. I applaud Kris for her creativity and long term planning in developing this storyline. I cannot wait to see where it goes.

Taral! From the nomination:
Taral’s characters are excellent examples of fine writing. Whether he’s writing an enlightened Kzinti, or a Betazoid coping with holoaddiction to avoid interacting with others and freely reading minds, Taral’s characters provide the perfect amount of spice to flavor a dynamic crew as well as provide unique perspectives to handling situations in character.

Our Bronze Post of the Month is “Comfy Chairs and Conversation” of Rogue Wings by AlphaJuliet and Malysh.

Silver this month goes to “Regroup and Rethink” of Remnants of the Fallen by Combat IG-100-B “Ton” & Mystic Ren Star-Gen-Su & Youngling Jaessa Wood & Knight Elusiaa Tamoaa & Major Vepel Ru & Knight Dek Triziss & Mercenary Yuka Navani & Mercenary Halidax Vizsla.

A new sim has taken home Gold this month, so congratulations to “Dawn” of USS Altai written by Captain Osegan Trenna & Lieutenant Commander Arthur Talbot!

Finally, our Sim of Valor award is issued to Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS)! Their site is extremely informative, providing the perfect amount of information for potential and current players. CGIS’ writing is great and truly captures life in the Coast Guard. This sim has limitless potential and is worthy of May’s Sim of Valor.

Congratulations to all of the winners! This month is the end of a quarter, so we look forward to all of the great nominations that accompany with it, including a chance to nominate for GM of the Quarter! Get those nominations in by July 4th!


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