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And So Ends The Age Of Chairperson Sjet

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So…elections in June? Don’t we hold those in December?

This is a good question and one I can now answer in a more in-depth fashion. Over the last six months or so things have not been peaceful in our little community. We’ve had infighting, we’ve had character assassinations and the rot of Fleet Level Politics trying to rock our little boat over.

 We survived these obstacles, but in doing so it highlighted areas of the 22nd Fleet’s infrastructure that for a small group worked fine. But as we grew larger they proved a hindrance, even a destabilizing liability. We as GM’s spent far too much time debating, discussing, and arguing, that for some of our members we forgot we’re here to play a game.

 More importantly, we’re here to manage games for you our writers. 

 We the current Officer Cadre of 2021 (Sjet, Taylor, Aio, AJ & Greenfelt) put forward a proposal penned by our founder that addressed these shortcomings. I’ll not mince those words, so I’ll quote them instead.

  • There is a small power shift from the Council to the Officers.
  • The Council will not be disbanded.
  • The Council will still appoint and remove Officers.
  • The Council will approve/reject structural changes presented by the Officers.
  • The Council can still suggest/propose structural changes, but will be filtered and researched by Officers first.
  • Committees can be formed ad-hoc by officers to look at structural changes, and immediately disbanded upon the proposal of the change.
  • Council members will have much more time to do what they came here to do, which is run their sims.
  • Officers will focus on cultivating and moderating the community.
  • Officers can’t vote in removal proceedings.
  • Officers will still accept/reject/close sims.
  • Term limits for the Chairperson are repealed.
  • The Council will only need to act when called upon. No more always remaining vigilant with a 24/7 need to check the forums.

 Now, this was highlighted by some of our Council Members, that this could be seen as a power grab. We’ve all heard stories, or witnessed abuses of power by Fleet officers in other groups who got a little high on their own supply. 

So we decided to resign once the revamp vote passed, which it did quite nicely with a solid turnout of voters. Thank you again to those who helped reshape our community. By resigning and allowing the GM Council to nominate and then vote on a new Officer Cadre, we ensured that the GM Councils peace of mind was maintained. After all, this is what is in the best interest of the Fleet, and the GM Councils approval of it makes me stepping down as Chairperson a little easier.

 My tenure as Chairperson has means-tested our group to the edge of destruction. We’ve lost friends, and the scars we have will eventually fade, but we’re still here. We are still standing and growing, and remaining the beacon to writers across the simming community of what writer focused groups can do. I implore anyone who reads this to put aside ill feelings they might have to fellow 22nd Fleet members, we’re past that point now and carrying it forward in the tail end of 2021 is only going to be tiring.

 Besides, we have a lot of work to do. And I look forward to seeing what you, the 22nd Fleet, make of our future. 

 I’ll let the new guy introduce their winning team, see you all around.

Jake Sjet


22nd Fleet


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