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Nominate! Nominate! Dance to the Music…

June is coming to a close, and it’s time to celebrate the story posts we’ve written and the players who contribute to our stories and make our collaborations enjoyable!

Nominate your favorite post(s) completed during June for Post of the Month, as well as outstanding players for our monthly awards.

NOMINATE FOR POST OF THE MONTH: https://www.22ndfleet.com/potm-nominations/

NOMINATE FOR PLAYER AWARDS: https://www.22ndfleet.com/award-noms/

What do I say in An Award Nomination?

It may feel intimidating to write a nomination, but you’re a writer! You’ve totally got this! Write from the heart. Tell us about the cool thing your nominee wrote or did. Share why you appreciate them and want them to be recognized. Read the full list of our awards, in the “Player Awards” area of our site’s Awards Center, and think about who you know that exemplifies those qualities.

Please submit player award nominations and June POTM nominations by July 7th. We look forward to reading them!


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