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Moving Our Community Forward

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22nd Fleet

Greetings 22nd Fleet! I have been elected as the new Chairperson of the Fleet as part of a major revamp that has already been announced by Sjet in our charter and bylaws. This has been a bit bittersweet as I had hoped to hold this position via a regular election and not a special one but I will be sure that you will get the best performance I have to offer this community in my new role.

There are quite a few new faces around the fleet and just some I’ve never had the opportunity to speak to directly so allow me to introduce myself. I’ve been participating in communities such as this for near twenty-years and I’ve held many leadership roles in them. Outside of my online writing I enjoy hiking and kayaking. I’m a Paramedic Supervisor and Instructor and have been doing EMS in some form or another for about seventeen years now. I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to be apart of the US Coast Guard (hence the CGIS Sim). I am married to a saint (cause she’d have to be to put up with me) and we have four kids ranging from toddler to teenager.

As a founding member of this community and co-author of the charter and bylaws I think we have strayed from our intended purpose. Perhaps not fleet wide but certainly within the GM Council and with our revamp and my new administration we will be putting an end to that. We will be going with our new plan: Community first!

From now on 22nd Fleet will be a writing community first and then we will be sure our quality of writing is fantastic and we are going to stop worrying about quantity and red tape so much. Sure we need activity to serve a purpose but in my book as long as we have people working together to put some quality stories together and we are all having fun with one another in a great community we have achieved our primary goal.

Our new slate of Officers is now:

Chairperson – Stephen
Star Trek Division Head – JakeSjet
Operations Officer – AlphaJuliet
Development Officer – Sprite

I have every confidence in these members to be the officers we need to handle the day to day operations of this community. I am looking forward to working with them and we are looking forward to serving all of you. As of now I am holding off on appointing a Vice-Chairperson. As the most senior sitting officer I will be asking Sjet to serve as backup should I require an LOA before I am prepared to appoint one.

So what are our priorities?

  • Complete transition of office.
  • Update our hosting and infrastructure system.
  • Update the website with our new code of conduct and charter/bylaw revamp.
  • Move forward with our new “Community First” initiative.
  • Polish and improve our social media programs.
  • Improve member/GM morale!
  • Have fun.

That’s all for now… please keep your eyes tuned for updates.


22nd Fleet


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