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Sim & Player of the Second Quarter 2021

Thank you to all of our GMs who made nominations for Sim of the Quarter and Player of the Quarter in their second-quarter report!

Sim Of The Quarter

USS Portland – Bronze

USS Portland is a great sim with a great group of people who really understand the Orville universe. There is a lot of hilarity sprinkled throughout the posts and the missions are equal parts hilarious and exciting.

Rogue Wings – Silver

Rogue Wings – for mixing it up with friendly (sort of) torture, a small band of – not yet really close-knit at all – rebels, multiple NPCs, really good OOC banter and broken X-Wings.

I’ve always had an eye on Rogue Wings thanks to its premise, a fledgling Rebellion just before the events of Rogue One. Its characters are engaging, its writers enthusiastic, and I can’t wait to see what more comes from this little squadron that could.

USS Black Hawk – Gold

USS Black Hawk is a fantastic long running sim that has a very strong sim based community and constantly cranks out continually well written and quality posts.

Player Of Quarter 2

Chistery – Bronze

Chistery has been a consistent writer and supporter of Greenleaf Skyplex. Their input and assistance to keep players engaged in the plot has been invaluable to the survival of the sim.

Chistery (SCPO Alexander Rylan, USS Sherman Potter) has really stepped up his game lately, even voluntarily participating in a side post where he added some comic relief. He has also been a font of information for me in site management since there is a lot I’m still unsure about.

Camila – Silver

Camila – As the first player (X-Men: Alternate Class), she definitely had a head start over others who’ve joined, but she hasn’t let up a bit in the writing output. Her portrayal of Katy/Leadfoot has been on point and compelling, turning her character into a regular scene stealer.

Camila (Sharona on Canopus Station) for making a vibrant character and displaying incredible flexibility as she finds a place among the Canopus writers.

PatB – Gold

PatB (Special Agent Angelica Passolini, CGIS) – PatB was immediately interested in the concept of CGIS since I began speaking about it. Not only was he one of the first to join but he also has an interesting character involving family that appears in NPC form. In addition to his performance in character he also was the co-author of some database articles and helpful to research and creation of the sim overall.

Congratulations to those recognized here and to the players and sims who were nominated!


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