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Trek Report Quarter 2: Into Craziness

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The Star Trek Division of the 22nd Fleet is the foundation that so much of what we do here is built. We have great writers, and great GM’s, and this is a chance for me to put you all on display. 

 Now, saying that I planned to copy and paste your summaries into here but then I looked at the 10 pages of material you’d all given me. So, in light that I don’t have a publishing deal with the 22nd Fleet’s printing arm (Do…do we have one of those?)…I’m gonna break this down with a summary of each sim. Hit the key points.


Division Head Summary: That scene from The Fugitive, except there’s a flood of water coming out of the pipe and Tommy and Harrison are both going out the other end towards jagged rocks. 

Division Head Summary: Starbase Jerry Springer, where the paternity tests don’t lie and you bring great honor to your house and the 22nd Fleet. (Gowron Stare)

Division Head Summary: Law & Order Star Trek meets Praxis Two: Electric Boogaloo. Oh, and Vampires, apparently, so everyone find some garlic or an Olive Garden.

Division Head Summary: Space fender bending and getting the other person’s insurance details at gunpoint. But will they keep their No Claims bonus?

Division Head Summary: But does it have valet parking? Also, why are your plots numbered by NPC deaths?

Division Head Summary: Because poking a dangerous ball of space plague isn’t dangerous at all. But then that’s been the Trav’s MO since the get-go: poking stuff with a science stick.

Division Head Summary: Did no one watch Jurassic Park? At this point, there are enough movies in the franchise that you can shake a tree and one falls out. Ignorance of the dangers of space lizards is no longer accepted.

Division Head Summary: USS Tucker: Building Better Worlds But Without The Creepy Corporate Mafecance. 

Division Head Summary: The Star Trek remake of the early 21st-century geopolitical scene looks pretty accurate from up here. Let’s hope they avoid the nation-building troubles we had.

Division Head Summary: ‘The crew discovers that not everything is quite as it seems’. With the Romulans. This is my shocked face. And I am not being sarcastic. At. All.

Division Head Summary: Ka-THUNK! That was the sound my email folder made when this landed. You crushed my spam folder! Also congrats on supplanting the meme about Trek consoles exploding: now the crystals do too. And yet all I feel from this sim is good energy.

Division Head Summary: If you can find them, and if you have money, you too can hire…The L-Team, a band of highly trained Starfleet wannabe’s hunted by the Klingon Empire. (Cue the theme music)

Division Head Summary: Throw in a few bands of Red Shirts. Eventually, the layers of corpses will block out the radiation at no real cost to the mission. You’re welcome. 

Division Head Summary: Well…flying into an exploding nebula of death. Who could have foreseen anything going awry?… Yes everyone, put your hands down you’re all very smart. 

In conclusion, I can say, without a doubt, that we have ‘walking away from an explosion whilst looking cool’ down pat. Well done to one and all. I’m looking forward to what our newest Star Trek sims USS Lacuna and Starbase Mercury bring to the feast next Quarter, as well as all of you!


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