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2021 Q2 FDO Report

Hello 22nd! It has been an interesting and busy two weeks since I was confirmed for Fleet Development Officer. I confess that I am still on the steep part of my learning curve and I deeply appreciate everyone’s patience. Luckily there are helpful folks around who take me seriously when I ask them to poke me if I’ve forgotten anything or gotten something wrong.

I’ve enjoyed reading all the Game Manager’s quarterly reports. I’m continually impressed by the creativity of this group and the interesting collaborative stories we are all writing. (And a little part of me wishes that rather than volunteering for FDO, I had applied to a few more sims instead.)

Many thanks to Greenfelt for everything he did as FDO during the second quarter, including:

  • Updated the home page and created a new on-boarding process for new and prospective players. The new home page allows for quicker access to 22nd’s sims, news, and awards. The “Getting Started” page provides a comprehensive overview of what 22nd has to offer, provides points of contact, and helps newcomers find what they are looking for.

  • The Mentoring Committee began to work on several resources to help 22nd’s GMs work through major pressure points, as well as become educated on several best practices and such.

  • Groundwork began on a fleet news service, which has provided spotlights on players and sims throughout the 22nd Fleet. The articles can be found here.

For the next few weeks my attention will be focused 22nd-inward on community engagement. 

Awards are an important way for us to recognize and acknowledge members of 22nd Fleet for contributions to their sims and our community. Any member of 22nd Fleet (player or GM) is welcome to join the Awards Committee, it’s a great way to dip your toes into positive community involvement. Just head on over to 22nd Fleet’s discord server and the #bot-roles channel and assign yourself that role! 

As the quarter progresses I’ll be continuing work with the Mentor Committee, and begin making those resources available. I’ll also be looking at implementing aspects of the Fleet Information & Development Office plan that Kaichi and Greenfelt started. In particular I’m planning to recruit some volunteers and delegate some FDO responsibilities (once I have a better grasp of what they are).


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