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June 2021 Post of the Month Awards!

The results of June’s Post of the Month voting are in! Thank you for voting, and your patience. The nomination deadline was extended because of the July 4th holiday in the US, and that pushed the voting deadline back. So without further ado, here they are!

Our Bronze Post of the Month Award goes to USS Traveller’s Uh Oh…

Next taking the Silver Award is USS Tucker’s The Worst Birthday Ever

Finally taking the Gold Award this month is Rogue Wings’ The Show Must Go On!

June’s Sim of Valor is awarded to Greenleaf Skyplex!

What sim set in the Firefly ‘Verse has martial artists, a smuggler, a hacker, a gun slinger, Russian mafia, plus a tough administrator keeping them under control (sort of) and a browncoat security chief in danger of getting executed by an Alliance Minister? Greenleaf Skyplex. Good community. Good writing. Slow posting lately, but that hasn’t stopped the writing – just like the signal that can’t be stopped. We swear by our pretty floral bonnets, this is a sim to watch.


Congratulations everyone and thank you to all who nominated posts for consideration! It’s always fun to read a smattering of posts from across the 22nd and enjoy a window into the wonderful variety of stories in progress. Don’t forget that Post of the Month nominations are always open, we don’t need to wait for the reminder at the end of the month to submit.


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