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Q2 2021 Ops Report: Vanish into other Verses with Star Wars, Firefly, Orville! AND NOW EXCLUSIVELY iN SUMMER 2021: Disappear into the worlds of Dragon Age: Legacy, the US Coastguard Investigative Service, The Expanse and X-Men!

Hey y’all.

Quarter Two. It’s been emotional. It’s been difficult, challenging and frustrating. We’ve been let down, wound up and rattled around some. For those no longer writing with us I say thank you for the good times and the fun had along the way, and I wish you well. To those still with us, thank you for all you do to keep our little community rocking along and writing, and here’s to good times to come. So as we learn from our past and look to our future, let’s remember why we do this – for fun, for escapism, for banter and for the sheer literary amusement of it all.

Words. As writers and gamers we know words are important, they matter and they really can make a huge difference to us mere humans making our way in this vast universe. Be excellent to each other.

And now… the report on our fine sims for this second quarter of 2021. (All sims listed by mini-division and in alphabetical order.)

Star Wars

A sad loss to our Star Wars Division in Q2 was Remnants of the Fallen. All the best to Larkin and her many players. May The Force Be With You. And also, a happy addition to our Star Wars Division in Q2 was Kai’s sim Heroes of the Old Republic – still shiny and new and looking for new players so check him out if you want to write a Jedi or a Sith in the old, old times.

All of our Star Wars sims are currently recruiting, so why not choose your favourite era and setting, join their ranks and be part of their story – which story I hear you ask? Well…

Here’s what’s happening right now:

Heroes of the Old Republic: 3960 BBY and the end of the devastating Mandalorian Wars. In the wake of these events, Jedis Revan and Malak mysteriously disappeared into the Unknown Regions only to emerge back into the Republic as two new Sith Lords Darth Revan and Darth Malak. So began a second war, the Sith preying on a Republic already weakened by the Mandalorians. In the early stages of the renewed conflict, a key powerhouse Republic world – Saleucami – fell in mere hours to the Sith.

This could not go unchallenged. A massive counter offensive was launched, several high-ranking Jedi and their Padawans being dispatched to lead the Grand Army of the Republic. Saleucami remains a hotly contested war zone, with battle lines drawn, strongholds established and skirmishes now a brutal, daily occurence. As forces on both sides hunker down and prepare for a long, drawn out conflict, one question remains…

…why are the Sith so determined to maintain their grip on the planet?

Want to find out? Choose your side – Sith or Jedi! Click the sim’s link and learn more.

Nightfall: 19BBY. The Republic is no more, following a violent coup d’etat by the Jedi, a new Order has arisen from the smoldering ashes. Led by Emperor Sheev Palpatine and his dark apprentice Darth Vader they quickly move to subjugate the galaxy under their iron will. Disparate groups must come together if they hope to keep the light of Freedom and Democracy alive.

As the Rusty Rancor, followed closely by the Nawar’aven, make their fiery escape from Port Nowhere, Jedi survivors, scoundrels, and those loyal to the Republic must come together to survive. Finding themselves on the run and in deep space, the tenuous alliance splits up; one group to gather supplies and intelligence, while the Jedi follow a thread of the Force to sanctuary…

Which group will you follow or can you unite them again? Click the sim’s link to learn more.

Rogue Wings: 1BBY. After blundering through the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa, Kor and Melvyn have made their way to a rebel sympathizing bar in the company of Tawshii, a rebel freedom fighter wookiee. The Empire has placed a bounty on Melvyn, and the streets are crawling with Bounty Hunters. If the Rebels can confirm Kor’s identity and not shoot Melvyn as an Imperial Spy, their first order is to rescue Melvyn’s cousin and obtain fighters to get off Nar Shaddaa and return to their secret base of operations.

Want to find out if Melvyn survives? Click the sim’s link and learn more.

Shades of Grey: ABY7. We are just beginning Episode 2 which is titled ‘Tales from the Outer Rim’, this is to be a collection of short fictions each with different configurations of characters in telling the myriad of stories we need to tell in order to move the plot along.

For example, one fiction centres around 4 characters intervening against Slavers, another involves two people heading off to steal some TIE Fighters from a friendly Imperial to test how far his friendly nature goes.

Want to join in and help shape the plot? Click the sim’s link and learn more.


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And now to our Firefly Mini Division. We may be small, but we can make some noise out here in the Black! Prospective GMs, if you have your own Firefly ideas, come join us. Players, bring your favourite original characters and step into the Verse. Here’s what’s currently happening in our two Firefly sims, both set in 2517 AD:

Fortune’s Echo The Kalisdasa System, beyond the Border in the Rim promises adventure with very few rules. Five of its worlds are inhabitable, and in the yellow star’s twelfth orbital path, lies one such planet – Ghost – currently home to automated atmosphere processing plants and a small terraforming crew.

Our intrepid crew have been hired by a Shepherd to find a lost sheep. So far it looks as if everyone on Ghost is dead. Very dead. Like torn apart, messy dead….

Is there anyone left alive? Will those left behind on the lonely little Firefly be safe? And who dropped a crate with a disembodied head and a live puppy from the skies above?

Only one way to find out, check out the site and learn more.

Greenleaf Skyplex: Chief of Security Mack Shepard has been arrested for the attempted assassination of an Alliance Minister. Although Mack clearly appears on the holographic replays of the incident, her “sister” Xiulian has found evidence of corruption of the original wave feed.

An unusual alliance of criminals, outcasts and teenage punks set in motion an attempt to bust the Security Chief out of jail. Meanwhile, Crime Boss Sasha Petrovich’s daughter Natalya has gone missing. Is it foul play, payback from the Tong or is the girl just messing with her father?

Want to cause some mayhem of your own? Click the sim’s link and learn more.


In Q2 it was decided that the infamous and wonderful Misc Division would move from FDO’s busy hands to the welcoming and enthusiastic realm of Ops. I’m very happy to offer up more options – different worlds, varied characters, creative GMs and inventively awesome players! If you have any ideas bring your imagination to the mix!

Here’s a lowdown of the current offerings and their settings for your entertainment and perusal:

CGIS: Set in 2021 AD. Regional Response Team Three of the Chesapeake-Capital Region of CGIS has been assigned to cover an alarming loss of coverage at the Cape May Resident Agent Office. Training Center (TRACEN) Cape May is the location of the Coast Guard’s Boot Camp, multiple cutters, a small boat station, and multiple other units.

Despite being covered by its own Coast Guard Police Department unit multiple CGIS cases have been opened without an agent to cover them. RRT3 has been assigned by their leadership to head to Cape May and take charge until new resident agents can be assigned.

A modern day (with no pandemic) sim in the real world setting of the US Coastguard Investigative Service. Click the sim link to learn more and look to earn your own badge and firearm!

Charon’s Opus: 2351 AD. Our intrepid crew of Belters, Martians, Earthers and the Outer Planets are on a mission that is taking the Albatross out towards the planet of Pluto, at the very far edge of the system, the crew and passengers settle in for a long cruise.

But are they truly alone in the darkness?

Set in the world of The Expanse with all the challenges that provides. Want to know more? Click the sim’s link and take a step into a near future universe.

Dragon Age: Legacy: The year is 9:34 Dragon. With the criminal Roxa dead and her minions neutralized, our heroes assisted the weak and injured mine workers until they were relieved by the late arrival of the city guard. Meeting in the Raven’s Roost tavern, Elinowy and Martin had a serious talk with Kalian, wrapping the Lore’s Labour’s Lost mission. Rhiannon, Cainan, and Jaslyn joined the others at the tavern and celebrated with drinks.

Harlowe, a new dwarven adventurer, arrived at the tavern whilst Elinowy took a bath with awkward interruptions. Martin escorted Elinowy to report to the chantry, and they met Elder Isouda who will be an antagonist in the new mission: Summerday La Fête.

This sim is structured like Dragon Age II – rather than trying to save the world, our characters are just trying to save themselves, their friends, and their city. Click the sim link to choose your own place in the adventure!

USS Portland: Set in 2421 AD. Deeper into their exploratory mission beyond Union space the Portland crew begins to have very strange and very realistic dreams… The weird thing? Everyone recalls the same dreams as if they were all shared. It’s really not as fun as that might sound… and we have no idea why it’s happening. Lined up for sickbay tests right now, trying to find out!

Set in the Orville universe, this sim simply asks that you bring your own Orville characters and a wacky sense of fun and you’d be welcome. Click the sim link to find out more!

X-Men: Alternate Class: Set in 1990. Episode 1 – X-Odus – It’s your standard meet-and-greet introductory mission where characters are introduced and brought to the mansion as replacements for the missing original team. Lots of teenage/post-adolescent drama and pranks afoot. We’re gearing up for the fight at the end that will draw it to a close and give form to the forward direction of the sim.

This sim is distinct from the Earth-616 universe. The primary focus is on original mutant characters and their struggles. In this timeline, the original team went missing on the 21st of June, 1990. For reasons unknown Xavier did not select many of the popular characters known today. 

Have an original X-Men character you need to dust off? Hit with inspirational powers and a winning personality? Click the sim link to find out more!

Onwards and Upwards!

As always, if you have any JP ideas, questions, characters, funny stories, or need a friendly shoulder with regards to any of the above sims, please shout up. Either in our 22nd Discord channels or via DM or email to either the GM in question or myself.

Anyone out there wishing to pitch a sim idea and give GMing a go with plenty of support and safe places to trade memes, please don’t hesitate to apply here.

If you have ideas, tips or suggestions around recruitment and advertising, please share in our Divisional Discord channels, we all benefit from an influx of new players taking a look around!

Over the next quarter I hope to ensure everyone feels able to speak up, contribute, and that we all have the chance to write in as many different worlds as we desire. Moving forward together, please get involved in constructive discussions, ask questions, make suggestions and float ideas whether for existing sims, new ones or both. Above all, aim to have the drama and fun you want to have IC, and look out for each other OOC.

And lastly, remember, humans are amazing – sometimes just talking about the little, niggly and crazy things can create whole new exciting stories and adventures!


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