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Fleet Standards Committee

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22nd Fleet

Greetings members of 22nd Fleet,

With the transition into the new fleet leadership and revamp of how our community operates some concerns about what we consider membership activity, how we select our Game Managers, and what our community goals are have come up. That being said we are creating a new committee that will address all of those things and we will be including Game Managers, Assistant Game Managers, and general fleet membership in this committee!

Some topics of discussion will include:

  • What do we expect from a GM in 22nd Fleet?
  • Should visible representation of 22nd Fleet membership be mandatory on member sites?
  • What is useful information to share with the fleet in quarterly reports? (Council & GM reports)
  • Should 22nd have community based events, workgroups and other non-sim activities? Would you take an active part?
  • With a priority to wanting new GMs to be already a member in good standing what else do you think should be required to bring a sim into the fleet?
  • What measure should we use to consider a sim/GM active within the community?

These topics are not all inclusive and may eventually be worded much better… but for now that is our starting point. Inclusion in this committee will require active participation which includes forum and discord use. Members of the committee who are not actively participating may be asked to leave.

Any questions can be directed toward myself as the officer leading the committee. If you would like to join please fill out the form below. Applications will be open until 00:00 EST on Sunday 15 AUG 2021.

Thank you,

Chairperson, 22nd Fleet

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