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July 2021 Awards and Commendations!

The results of July’s Post of the Month voting are in! A huge thank you to those sims who put a post forward for consideration and to those members who took the time to vote. Drum roll, please…

Bronze Post of the Month congratulations go to wizardbeard, JakeSjet, James, Kos, Intumesce, TheDoctor, AlphaJuliet, orionSquared of Memory Theta for Sympathy From the Devil

We have a tie for the Silver Post of the Month Award!

Congrats to A7ice, AlphaJuliet, wizardbeard, Sable, and Sprite of Fortune’s Echo for My Head is An Animal

Congrats to Cipher and Sprite of Greenleaf Skyplex for Unwanted Answers

We have another tie for Gold Post of the Month!

Congrats to orionSquared, wizardbeard, AlphaJuliet, Kaichi, Rosie, and Shepard of USS Odyssey for Over the Edge

Congrats to Zuzutoo, Malysh, jhwulfven, and Sprite of Dragon Age: Legacy for A time to cleanse

July’s Sim of Valor is awarded to USS Traveller!

The USS Traveller has made a turnaround over the past couple months bringing fresh blood, new life, and “tasty” hijinks back to one of the first sims to join the fleet. This sim is not just surviving in the Messier 4 globular cluster, it’s thriving! The USS Traveller is launching out on a new mission so this is a great time to join up.

Player Awards

Two players were put forward for recognition, and their nominations approved:

Jethro Anordix has developed his character, Cainan Sauvage on Dragon Age: Legacy, with a rich and multi-layered backstory and complex motivation that adds depth, authenticity, and humor to his roleplay. For some writers it might be difficult to find realistic motivation for a wealthy and hedonistic nobleman like Cainan to take heroic action, but Jethro Anordix finds a way whilst also contributing an interesting ongoing pirate side plot to the main story.

jhwulfven proactively engages in the main story thread of Dragon Age: Legacy and initiates side-plots. He has written his dwarf Rhiannon connecting with other players in her in-character capacity as an entrepreneur. Recently jhwulfven created a second character and has been helpful in onboarding a new player whose character has a shared backstory with his new one.


Important reminder! Post of the Month nominations and Player nominations are always open! Put forward that post or player you want to recognize today.


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