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Mahna-Mahna Nominate posts and Players!

It’s the end of August, time to mahna-mahNominate posts completed in August for Post of the Month and mahna-mahNominate Players for recognition in September.

That ear-worm? It’s telling you to mahna-mahNOMINATE for POST OF THE MONTH now!

Please submit your August POTM nominations by September 4th.

recognize your fellow players!

Mahna-mahNominations for the following player awards may be submitted at anytime by any member of 22nd Fleet:

  • Excellence in Role Play” is awarded for showing excellence in writing and development of storylines and of characters they write as.
  • The “Community Star” is awarded for playing a major part in the development of the fleet’s community, by boosting morale and fostering a positive group spirit.
  • Recipients of the “Divisional Star” are recommended by any player of the fleet for exceptional service to a Sim and/or Division. This could include help with overall management of a Sim or Division or a member who is consistently contributing to a sim, or providing essential services from which other members of that Sim or Division may benefit.
  • The “Distinguished Service” is awarded to a player for continued service above and beyond their assigned role within the fleet, whether that be player, GM, or Officer. Any member can nominate any player for the Bronze Distinguished Service award, a GM can nominate a previous Bronze winner for Silver.

Game Managers can nominate for “Collaborative Machine,” awarded to individuals who are deemed to have worked hard in collaboration with others and who embody the true meaning of teamwork and collaboration, perhaps through joint posts, website creation or by joining different Offices in the fleet.

NOMINATE FOR PLAYER AWARDS. Please submit nominations to recognize players in September by September 10th.

What does an award Nomination look like?

To see who has been recognized in the past and read their accolades, visit the Awards Recipients Archive. To read about all of the awards and criteria, visit the Awards page.


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