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August Post of the Month Awards!

The results of August’s Post of the Month voting are in! Thank you to everyone who voted, and to the sims who wrote great posts to choose from.

Our Bronze Post of the Month Award goes to Malysh and jhwulfven of Dragon Age: Legacy for Help Wanted

Silver Post of the Month congratulations go to the writers of Connor Bruin, Katy DeCobray, Iris Walker, Erik Magnus Lensherr, Cameron Hood, Jade Farwynd, Gabe Spicer, Sonya Cross, Kai Akana, and Elias Buckley of X-Men: Alternate Class for Red Dawn

Finally taking the Gold Award this month, congratulations to Tiex and Sjet of USS Altai for Luster!

This month’s Sim of Valor is awarded to Heroes of the Old Republic!

The Heroes of the Old Republic sim started slow, but has been gaining momentum. This unique Star Wars sim is set in a period of minimal official canon, and the game manager and players have done phenomenal creative work developing and worldbuilding their intriguing setting. This sim’s future is as bright as a lightsaber of any color.


Congratulations everyone and thank you to all who nominated posts for consideration!


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