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Farewell and Thank you

It has been only three months since a new slate of officers, including me, were elected by the 22nd’s GM Council on June 29th. We got off to a great start. The Mentoring Committee completed and published three resource documents for Game Managers. The Standards Committee made good progress with discussion and ideas around several related topics from activity requirements to special events.

This volunteer gig has been an educational experience. But it has taken a toll on my mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

With the sudden resignation of the Chair almost four weeks ago, followed by the Vice Chair, the GM Council set off to revamp and simplify fleet structure. This is a task the GM Council will need to continue without me.

I hereby formally resign as Fleet Development Officer and GM of 22nd Fleet.

I will honor my commitment to the Infrastructure Committee for a reasonable period until a replacement is appointed, and I will be around to facilitate transition to the new keyholder(s) and officers.

Dragon Age: Legacy will continue as an independent game.

22nd, you-all have my best wishes for the future.
🙂 Sprite


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