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So Long And Thanks For All The Fun Times!

Hi 22. I’ve realised over the last quarter that I’ve had less and less time to be part of 22nd Fleet stuff and more and more time wrapped up in my day job and my team at work. The painful truth is that I’m not keeping up to date with things, I’m missing entire conversations and I barely have chance to read Discord never mind achieve anything supportive or constructive with regards Officery Stuff. My reality is that, over the next three months running up to Christmas and in the New Year my job will require even more of my time for various reasons (new staff and new managers to assist, tough targets, winter weather etc etc).

So, rather than eek out my existence not really doing anything constructive in the Fleet, I’ve decided to step down and let someone else have a go.

In other news, we (myself, Wizardbeard and Stephen) agreed two weeks ago to make the tough decision and sadly close down USS Portland. We gave notice to the players and are currently allowing them time before the site and discord server physically shuts down. I’d like to thank them both for trusting me with her helm and for all the support – writing and hosting wise. Thank you!

Fortune’s Echo will still be soldiering on in our lil Firefly out in the Verse. I’ll keep her Indie for now and I’ll still be around if I can help and support, but I hereby formally resign as Operations Officer and GM of the 22nd Fleet.

It’s been an emotional year with many ups, downs, sideways twists and headaches along with some really fun times, some great people and some wonderful story telling. Here’s to far more of those last two things – good company and inventive stories – in our mutual futures.

Thanks for having me!


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