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Greetings from the new Chairperson

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Good day 22nd Fleet! As of last night, I’ve been elected as the new Chairperson. To say that I’m surprised and honored would be an understatement. With several recent departures we’re in a time of change and it’s unprecedented for us as a group. This is not a position I actively sought or expected to be voted into,, but I want to assure everyone that I am committed to seeing the 22nd Fleet stabilize and grow. Since this was a special election, I will hold this job until 12/31/2021 when our yearly elections will be held.

I want to take this chance to thank Kai and Sprite for ensuring the Special Election and transition were handled fairly and impartially.

Most of you know me, some from working together or discord, some by a reputation only. So, for everyone, my name is Mike. I’ve been simming since 1995. I was the founder of Bravo Fleet in 1997 and was BFCO from 1998 to 2004. I’ve managed the same sim (Originally called the USS Pegasus, now known as Starbase 400) since 1997. Outside of simming I’ve been married over 13 years and we have 3 children. I enjoy football, shooting sports, baseball, and music of all kinds, and I work in through telecommunications field. SB400 has been a member of the 22nd Fleet for over a year now. When we joined 22nd I kept quiet, the community was strong and so many of our OG members were here I did not want to interfere. Now, things have changed and so many of our original members have gone, however that doesn’t mean the Fleet has passed its prime. We have a great group of people, some great sims, and I want to build off of that. I’m hopeful some people and sims may return too. And, to all, my ‘door’ is always open and I’m looking forward to meeting new faces around the fleet.

One of the things I’d like to see happen as we move forward is 22nd Fleet figuring out just who we are. When the Fleet was formed so much time went into identifying what the 22nd Fleet wasn’t but not a lot went into just what the 22nd Fleet is. I want us to figure out just who we are as a Fleet, a true identity and purpose that we can be proud of and so to the Star Trek Simming Community as a whole.

I also plan to continue with the ‘Community First’ vision Stephen started us toward. As he said before, 22nd Fleet is a writing community first. Whether we are a small group of sims or grow to over one hundred, the quality of writing should be be a focus and a point of pride for the fleet. From what I have seen, writing in the 22nd Fleet is fantastic. It not the number of sims or posts that matter, quantity doesn’t matter the way quality does! I would rather have a small group of active players and sims with great quality writing than dozens of sims that aren’t active that produce poor quality quickly written short posts. When a player wants to join a top notch sim, they’ll think of 22nd Fleet first!

I also would like to see us more involved again in the bigger Star Trek Community too. I’d like to see more activity on social media, as well as in community events like Fall Fest, SciWorld, and community award events like The Simming Prize, Squiddie, Tournament of Sims, and more. These events are great ways to spread the world about 22nd Fleet but also allow us to show off just how good of a group we are.

In closing, I’m looking forward to this unexpected task, however I can’t do it alone. I will be speaking with our remaining Officers to confirm who’s staying, selecting a Vice Chairperson to be voted on, and taking stock in our Fleet assets. I work for you guys, I serve at your discretion, and I work for the fleet’s best. Together, we can build something special!

22nd Fleet Chairperson
Starbase 400 CO


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