Distinguished Service – Bronze


The “Bronze Distinguished Service” is awarded to a player for continued service above and beyond their assigned role within the fleet, whether that be player, GM, or Officer.



  • Who can nominate? Anyone
  • How can you nominate? Once a quarter during official periods.
  • Who decides? The Awards Committee reviews and approves all nominations.



Nominations are accepted all the time, but the committee will review all nominations once each quarter. To nominate someone for this award, please use our Award Nomination Form.



Oma is someone that, without prodding, stepped up to the plate to help create a tracking system for our OOC Accolade System – How our Force Users can bypass learning certain Force Powers ICly through participation and OOC behavior within the Sim’s community. When the Sim grew +100% in a 24-hour span, he also noticed some overlooked items/issues that were either not there, or written unclearly in our, “New Player,” pages. His cheat-sheet helped me easily go in and make the necessary edits, as well as address some potentially problematic issues – before it got to that point. Oma went far beyond what he was initially made an AGM to do – help control/run plots. He saw problems, wrote-up solutions, and suggested them. All of this was done out of a selflessness to help Revenge Of The Fallen be at it’s best. You can’t train some of the skills he has and I feel lucky to have him on the Sim because of them.