Divisional Star

Divisional Star


Recipients of the “Divisional Star” are recommended by any player of the fleet for exceptional service to a Sim and/or Division. This could include help with overall management of a Sim or Division or a member who is consistently contributing to a sim, or providing essential services from which other members of that Sim or Division may benefit.



  • Who can nominate? Anyone
  • How can you nominate? Once a month during official periods.
  • Who decides? The Awards Committee reviews and approves all nominations.



Nominations are accepted all the time, but the committee will review all nominations once each month. To nominate someone for this award, please use our Award Nomination Form.



Divisional Star

Awarded, on the added ground of excellent community thinking in pushing along morale boosting operations in the Fleet as well as GMing chutzpah. As committed a member of the team as any of the officers, has worked tirelessly to ensure a continuation of celebration of our writers in a trying year.