Excellence in Role Play


Excellence in Role Play” is awarded for showing excellence in writing and development storylines and of characters they write as.



  • Who can nominate? Any 22nd Fleet Member
  • How can you nominate? Once a month during official periods.
  • Who decides? The Awards Committee reviews and approves all nominations.



Nominations are accepted all the time, but the committee will review all nominations once each month. To nominate someone for this award, please use our Award Nomination Form.



For a Star Wars Sim that allows for most types for Force Users to be played, Kai’s portrayal of Illiana Duran – a traditional Jedi Knight is a delight in a sea of damaged/rogue/outsider Force folks. From a character seeking validation and officially wanting to be knighted to taking on a padawan, she feels like a Jedi of The Old Republic. And the personal storylines Kai has created have molded well into the main missions as well. She’s a traditional Jedi and stands out well. Kai is a great role-player open to any ideas, and willing to play with anyone. So as a whole, I feel he deserves Excellence in Role Play.