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Excellence in Role Play

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Excellence in Role Play


Excellence in Role Play” is awarded for showing excellence in writing and development storylines and of characters they write as.



  • Who can nominate? Any 22nd Fleet Member
  • How can you nominate? Once a month during official periods.
  • Who decides? The Awards Committee reviews and approves all nominations.



Nominations are accepted all the time, but the committee will review all nominations once each month. To nominate someone for this award, please use our Award Nomination Form.



When the current mission of the USS Medea began, we the players expected a fun bit of drama as the ship investigated an outpost with which we lost contact.

We did not expect that we would be build upon a story begun three missions earlier. The through-line between both missions, unfamiliar and incomprehensible voices, turned what was a standard ‘what’s going on here?’ mystery mission into a truly compelling bit of storytelling.

I applaud Kris for her creativity and long term planning in developing this storyline. I cannot wait to see where it goes.