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Sim of Valor

Sim of Valor


The Sim of Valor is awarded to a Sim that rises above the fleet’s roster for any of the following reasons:

  • Excellence in posting, either quality or quantity;
  • Excellence in website development, either graphics, presentation, or appearance;
  • Setting oneself as a shining star and example for the 22nd Fleet;
  • Notable improvement; or
  • Other Reason as determined by community



  • Each month, members of the Awards Committee will evaluate 22nd’s roster and nominate a sim that meets the above criteria.
  • Nominations are reviewed by the committee and narrowed down to a winner.
  • The winner will be announced by a member of the Awards Committee.



Nominations are handled directly by members of the Awards Committee. To participate, or make a suggestion, please speak with a member of the committee on Discord.



The Heroes of the Old Republic sim started slow, but has been gaining momentum. This unique Star Wars sim is set in a period of minimal official canon, and the game manager and players have done phenomenal creative work developing and worldbuilding their intriguing setting. This sim’s future is as bright as a lightsaber of any color.