Sim of Valor


The Sim of Valor is awarded to a Sim that rises above the fleet’s roster for any of the following reasons:

  • Excellence in posting, either quality or quantity;
  • Excellence in website development, either graphics, presentation, or appearance;
  • Setting oneself as a shining star and example for the 22nd Fleet;
  • Notable improvement; or
  • Other Reason as determined by community



  • Each month, members of the Awards Committee will evaluate 22nd’s roster and nominate a sim that meets the above criteria.
  • Nominations are reviewed by the committee and narrowed down to a winner.
  • The winner will be announced by a member of the Awards Committee.



Nominations are handled directly by members of the Awards Committee. To participate, or make a suggestion, please speak with a member of the committee on Discord.



This sim has been around longer than most text-based, story-driven RPG Sims. And looking at the site, you can see why that is. Bremer has himself a solid base of loyal players invested in the story. The fact he can provide fresh mission ideas one after another for so long is, in itself, impressive. Website-wise, SB400 has mountains of material to help new players navigate the sim. It’s this hard work and dedication the GM and the players have with SB400 that stands out. Thus it’s only fitting they be awarded the Sim of Valor.