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22nd Fleet Commendation of Excellence

Awarded annually on the anniversary of the fleet’s launch, any player may be nominated by their GM for the “22nd Fleet Commendation of Excellence” if they demonstrate tremendous dedication to the simulation, the Division and the Fleet.


  • Who can nominate? Game Managers
  • How can you nominate? Once a quarter during official periods.
  • Who decides? The GM Council reviews and approves all nominations.


  • Stephen. In addition to his many duties and sim contributions, Stephen is the reason the Orville Division is still around. He stepped up to be the new GM of the USS Portland when its founding GM ghosted on the crew even while he was starting development on his original Orville sim concept. He appointed a worthy XO and trained them to become an even better GM to take his place.  He has assisted with Nova installations, technical troubleshooting, and internal management for many GMs, including myself. With such contributions to every single Division, I can think of none better to receive this award.

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