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Community Star

The “Community Star” is awarded for playing a major part in the development of the fleet’s community, by boosting morale and fostering a positive group spirit.


  • Who can nominate? Anyone
  • How can you nominate? Once a quarter during official periods.
  • Who decides? The Awards Committee reviews and approves all nominations.


  • Wizardbeard for fostering a community spirit both within his own Division, and beyond it. He’s taken the reigns of a niche division and has still had the time and energy to push through major thought provoking ideas for both his own sims and the sim’s he writes for. He is an inspiration to the 22nd Fleet.
  • Kos. In addition to her own sim, Kos brings tremendous role-playing horsepower to several other sims as well. The depth, dimension, and expression of her characters and ability to plot is an asset to her sim and every sim she joins.
  • ConfusedFire. Whether as the original Public Affairs Officer, the pioneering writer for the new fleet’s new Fiction arm, or just a constant presence in Discord, this player brings a daily dose of fun, creativity, and community spirit that has made him a fixture in the fleet.
  • Kris has been a fantastic example of a sim community member as a GM involved in council members, as a community member in being active in Discord and actively welcoming and chatting with members across the fleet, and as a sim member being an active participant in multiple simulations where she is a large part of the community of those specific sims. She has also served many sims as an Assistant GM (including LAPD/LAFD) where she is in an integral member of the team assisting the GM above and beyond the expectations of the job. Whether as a member of a team, a writer, or member of the community she is a fantastic example of what all members should want to be.
  • AJ: Most of Nick’s contributions, you’ll not see on our Nova… not yet. He’s been a great contribution to the Sim since his arrival in helping flesh out NCGB’s mythology, as well as helped come up with some great and fun mission ideas for the future. He’s put in a lot of work and I’d love people to know and acknowledge it.
  • A7ice: The plots they’ve created on Echo have been awesome. To watch the First Mate remind the captain constantly about her role, keeping him aware of Alden’s screw-ups, and how A7ice’s character interacts with the crew is fun. OOC, A7ice is equally fun. Always positive, always inclusive. And that attitude OOC is why I think I love the stories they do IC. Because, if someone isn’t having fun, the writing generally reflects that.

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