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Distinguished Service – Silver Level

The “Silver Distinguished Service” is awarded to a player for distinguished service in their assigned role within the fleet.


  • Who can nominate? Game Managers
  • How can you nominate? Once a quarter during official periods.
  • Who decides? The GM Council reviews and approves all nominations.


  • Blondie for dedication to a new community both as a player and advocate for Misc Division and rising to PRO even requiring a change of rules to allow it, as well as being a tireless advocate for players and non-trek sims. 
  • Stephen. Consistently pushes for excellence in everything he does, represents and runs multiple games while giving others key roles so that they can contribute and enhance said games. Always direct, decisive, to the point and helpful when asked questions. Takes no prisoners, puts his all into games and tries new ideas on a regular basis. Good fun to bounce off in-character and a strong supportive influence both in and out of a game setting.

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