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Divisional Star

Recipients of the “Divisional Star” are recommended by any player of the fleet for exceptional service to a Sim and/or Division. This could include help with overall management of a Sim or Division or a member who is consistently contributing to a sim, or providing essential services from which other members of that Sim or Division may benefit.


  • Who can nominate? Anyone
  • How can you nominate? Once a quarter during official periods.
  • Who decides? The Awards Committee reviews and approves all nominations.


  • ConfusedFire for continually provides community input to the Trek Division through his use of his sim’s growing cannon. He reaches out to other sims, seeking their ideas and offering his own, and reflects those in a VFY-centric news article system. Whilst this might be seen as the creation of a shared cannon, it is this sort of soft approach that speaks volumes about fostering a stronger Trek community among our writers.
  • AlphaJuliet, who joined the 22nd Fleet specifically in order to participate in the Orville Division and has went on to become an integral part of Orville sims. Most recently this player became the GM for the USS Portland when the previous GM handed off the role.
  • Marowolf, who was the initial head of the Orville Division. Her involvement inspired the launch of a unique division carrying games that the likes of the simming world has yet to rival. Thank you, Marowolf!
  • JakeSjet. From the nomination, “He’s been a big help to me, both with the sim itself and running the Nova. Also, he never complains when I ask for information about our sim’s canon (as he wrote the majority of it himself) and always goes above and beyond what I need. I don’t know how I’d do it without him!”
  • TheeFlamehead for pushing for new directions for 22nd Fleet far beyond Star Trek and Orville. Reaching out and gathering new players and games.
  • Alpha Juliet (2nd Award) From the Nomination: Although Fortune’s Echo is still very fresh, Alpha has managed to fill our roster with an interesting bunch of characters. Since the start they have made an effort to make new players feel intimately involved with the in-game universe by allowing players to write members of Alpha’s characters family. The story has been pretty active since the start and there’s been room for players to explore their characters own realities within the Firefly ‘verse. They also keep engaged with the crew outside of the main site and we have a fairly active community within our discord.
  • CoffeeAddict From the Nomination: Coffee has done a great job rebooting the Dauntless sim from its former version into a lovely sim with engaged players who are playing NPCs as well. He has driven the plot forward quickly and gotten us going as a cohesive sim very well. Most of us know each other from other 22 endeavors, but he has done a great job melding us together.
  • Taylor: Taylor has a positive outlook within the Star Wars Division. His “Can Do,” attitude with his high-concept, morally ambiguous underworld Sim shows that with perseverance, it can be done. His funny wit on Discord with the 22nd Fleet players reminds us all that we should not take things too seriously. Of the Star Wars GMs, I find Taylor to be the most helpful and the best example of what we as GMs should strive for.
  • Larkin: Awarded, on the added ground of excellent community thinking in pushing along morale boosting operations in the Fleet as well as GMing chutzpah. As committed a member of the team as any of the officers, has worked tirelessly to ensure a continuation of celebration of our writers in a trying year.

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