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Game of the Quarter


  • Nominees for the Game of the Quarter award are received via the Game Manager’s Quarterly report.
  • Game Managers are requested to provide reasoning and background for each nomination.
  • At the end of the reporting period, the Officers will review all candidates and select three choices.
  • Officers are forbidden to vote for themselves or a game they manage.
  • The game with the most points will receive the Gold Award.
  • The game with the second most points will receive the Silver Award.
  • The game with the third most points will receive the Bronze Award.


GOLD: The Revenant, Ravana Nazar (Endia), Commanding

SILVER: Rogue Squadron, Anara Shaade, Commanding

BRONZE: Vidal Fleet Yards, Captain Neela Izal (Confusedfire) Commanding

GOLD: North Carolina Ghostbusters, Ash Shultz (Larkin), Commanding

SILVER: Fortune’s Echo, Alden Loxley (AlphaJuliet), Commanding

BRONZE: USS Dauntless, Captain Vheab’dgaqu Voashinaigu (CoffeeAddict), Commanding
Geronimo, Clayton Stanton (TheFlamehead), Commanding
USS Lexington, Captain Marty Collins (greenfelt), Commanding
USS Odyssey, Commander Tavis Inahri (orionSquared), Commanding

GOLD: Fortune’s Echo


BRONZE: Canopus Station


No awards given due to the Fleet not yet being established.

GOLD: Canopus Station, Captain Benjamin Ingram (JakeSjet), Commanding

SILVER: Geronimo, Clayton Stanton (Flamehead), Commanding

BRONZE: USS Triumphant, Commodore Michael Aravan (Camila), Commanding

GOLD: USS Black Hawk, Captain Harvey Geisler (greenfelt), Commanding

SILVER: USS Sentinel, Captain James McCullen (Brainfishes), Commanding

BRONZE: Deep Space 12, Captain Yona Carlin (Shayne), Commanding

GOLD: Charon’s Opus, Mickey Serendipity (JakeSjet), Commanding

SILVER: LAPD RPG, Sergeant I Kevin Roe (Stephen), Commanding

Hogwarts: School of Magic, Professor Gabriel Talpin (Confusedfire) Commanding
USS Black Hawk, Captain Harvey Geisler (greenfelt), Commanding
Memory Theta, Captain Mzarak (wizardbeard), Commanding

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